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The advantages of the electronic toll badge for professionals

With the Fulli Pro electronic toll badge, save time at the tollbooth and easily pay for your freeway journeys. For you, for your employees and for your fleet of vehicles, discover all the advantages of Télépéage.

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Easy toll passage

With the Fulli Pro electronic toll badge, go through the toll gate even faster thanks to reserved lanes and only slow to 30 km/h without stopping.
Payment is automatic via your badge. With it, benefit from the electronic toll system on all the motorways in France. The European offer allows you to extend your advantages to motorways in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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Access to more than 1000 car parks

Your Fulli Pro electronic toll badge allows access and payment for car parks marked with a “t” sign in France, in city centres, in train stations or airports, as well as in many car parks abroad. Your parking fees are deducted directly from your account on your electronic toll bill.

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A management tool designed for professionals

The Parc Pilo-T website is designed to order and manage your badges, view bills and transactions, as well as generate a badges operations log.


Well planned journeys with the new Fulli app

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Manage your account

Access all your information and manage your subscription.

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Locate a service area

Find information on any service area of the French motorway network.


Monitor your consumption

Billing history and journeys for the current month.

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Locate charging stations

Find the electric charging stations on your route, their prices and their availability.

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You can now enjoy your Fulli electronic toll badge.