Fulli service stations, the pleasure break of your trips

Fill up at the right price at our service stations, with rates comparable to those charged outside the motorway network. Take advantage of new services and equipment, new generation sanitary facilities and a wide range of restaurants to take a real break on your journey.

Map of our Fulli service stations




Right-price fuels

With Fulli, refuel at the right price. Fuel prices are adjusted daily according to the market price.

“At Fulli, customers fill up completely rather than simply top up”.

ADBLUE®  at right prices, signed Fulli

For your comfort, the AdBlue®  additive (for vehicles with diesel engines only) is on sale at low prices in all Fulli network service station shops.


The pleasure break

With our redesigned architecture, the Fulli service areas are truly modern comfort on the motorway.

Each area provides a friendly and warm environment via an architecture that includes modern furniture, vegetation and cheerful colours to ensure a comfortable and welcoming break.

Lunch breaks can be more gourmet thanks to a varied catering offer, suited to all tastes and budgets.

Coffee breaks are an invitation to discover a fast food range of fresh and tasty products to eat in or take away. There is also a wide choice of hot drinks, for all desires.


Many shops and restaurants to choose from

Fluid and intuitive, the sales and catering areas blend in harmoniously to provide you with the fullest experience.

In Fulli service areas, everything is arranged to be obvious in the blink of an eye, each corner is designed to meet your needs. Bottle of water? or breakfast at the counter, everything is clear.

In our service areas, local and regional products are highlighted for an authentic gourmet break!