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The A5 freeway linking the south of Ile-de-France to the Langres plateau

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The A5 freeway, from Paris to the East

The A5 freeway, almost 240 kilometers long, links the Francilienne to the Langres plateau. It links the capital, Paris, with the German border at Lauterbourg, passing through a variety of regions. This freeway is characterized by its wide, two-way lanes, often separated by a central zone.

Motorists can enjoy comfortable driving thanks to well-maintained roads and evenly-spaced rest areas for resting, eating and refueling. It's also a key route linking Paris to parts of Eastern Europe.

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Explore the landscapes along the A5 freeway


The green landscapes of the North

Along the A5 freeway, travellers are greeted by the verdant landscapes of northern France. Vast fields of wheat stretch as far as the eye can see, creating a mosaic of colors as the seasons change. The trees lining the road provide welcome shade in summer, and take on shimmering hues in autumn, creating an unforgettable visual spectacle.

Continuing eastwards, the A5 freeway passes through the famous Champagne region. Vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, offering a glimpse of the traditional methods used to produce this renowned sparkling wine. Iconic champagne houses dot the route, reminding us of the region's rich winegrowing heritage.


The Great Lakes region of the Orient Forest Nature Park

The final stretch of the A5 passes through the Great Lakes region, where visitors can explore the Parc Naturel de la Forêt d'Orient. This nature sanctuary is home to a multitude of bird species, including grey cranes in winter, offering unique birdwatching opportunities.

The A5 freeway, in addition to its function as an efficient link, also offers a genuine journey through France's landscapes and heritage, from its rolling fields to its renowned vineyards, from its majestic forests to its historic towns and unspoilt nature reserves. It's a journey through the many facets of this magnificent country, an experience rich in cultural and natural discoveries.

Cities to explore on the A5 freeway.

Image de la ville de Troyes

The city of Troyes

Troyes, "the medieval city of a thousand colors", will seduce you with its half-timbered architecture, picturesque alleyways, captivating museums and rich historical heritage. A must-see destination in France.

Image de la ville de Sens

The city of Sens

Sens, France's historic heritage city, fascinates with its majestic Gothic cathedral, medieval charm, captivating museums and warm atmosphere. A memorable cultural experience awaits you.

Image de la ville de Melun

The city of Melun

Melun, between history and modernity, welcomes you with its castles, peaceful gardens, refined cuisine and proximity to Paris. A charming stopover for exploring the Île-de-France region.