Fulli electric charging does much more than recharge your batteries!

The KiWhi Pass brand has become Fulli, since January 2023. A single brand for Télépéage and electric charging card services.

Recharge card

All you need to know

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A card with or without commitment

With the Fulli electric charging card, you remain free to choose. Choose your options according to your needs, with or without commitment.


Access to charging stations in France and Europe

With nearly 290 000 terminals in Europe, including 85 000 in France (not just on motorways), charge in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland and elsewhere using the same card.


An app designed to make your life easier

The Fulli app helps you manage your account and locate charging stations. In real time, access all the information: availability, charging power and prices!

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Manage your account in just one click

Credit your card, consult your transactions in real time and your charging history, declare the loss or theft of your card, all at any time from your customer area.

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Electric charging station map

Locate terminals around you or on your route. Find the areas equipped with electric charging stations to plan your long journeys and drive with complete peace of mind.


Is your subscription is about to expire?

Remember to renew your subscription to continue enjoying all the advantages of your Fulli electric charge card.

Everything you need to know

charging points

There are so many variables that it's not easy to work out what you're going to pay when you approach an electric car charging point.

Vehicle model and consumption, charging card, type of plugs, type of station, fast or slow charge, operator, price per kilowatt-hour (kWh), peak or off-peak times and even parking times...

These are all parameters that will affect the price of your full tank of electricity. The recharging market is still in its infancy, and it's hard to know what you're really going to pay if you multiply the number of charging points.


The cost of the top-up card

When you recharge your electricity, whether this is clearly stated by the operator or included in the price per kWh, a commission is charged for the recharge card.

Make no mistake, if an operator indicates that no commission is charged for recharging, this means that the commission is included in the price per kWh. It may be advantageous to use this type of card for small charges, but it is less attractive for charges of at least 7 kW.


The terminal operator

Operators regularly adjust their tariffs according to the prevailing price of electricity in their country. 

Some recharging networks are indexed to electricity market prices. They are not based on residential electricity rates.

The tariffs of charging points like those of Fastned, for example, are clearly displayed on their website.


Do you recharge at home, in town or on the motorway?

Over 80% of electric car owners recharge at home. For home charging, the electricity contract and supplier you choose will be taken into account, as will the type of charging point installed. On average, it costs between €5 and €10 to fully charge your vehicle at home.

Since 1 January 2023, all service areas on the APRR/AREA motorway network have been equipped with a fast-charging station. (see article).  These service areas have fast-charging stations adapted to all socket standards: ChaDeMo, Combo, II/CCS, three-phase AC and domestic E/F socket. Some allow you to recover up to 80% of your range in less than 30 minutes. At Fastned, for example, you can expect to pay between €20 and €30 for a top-up at a Fulli service area.


Peak, off-peak and parking times

Finally, tariffs depend on other factors such as peak or off-peak hours. This is specified either on the terminal or on certain mobile applications such as Fulli's. This tariff works in exactly the same way as some electricity contracts, meaning that in off-peak hours the tariff is lower, for example.

A final factor that users are not aware of is parking time. Some car parks that offer an electric recharging service charge for the time spent recharging in order to avoid "car-hoarding". So be careful not to leave your vehicle in certain parking spaces where you could end up paying dearly for it.