Fulli and Amperus join forces to equip your condominium with the world's largest network of electrical charging stations

A single card to recharge your vehicle at home and on the Fulli network.


Accessible travel

Advantages ?

Simplify your life at home and on the move: equip your condominium and access the largest network of electric charging stations in France and Europe with a single charging card!


Use a single card to recharge at home and while roaming.

More and more services!

  • Installation at no cost to the condominium.
  • Remote control of charging stations for protected charging prices...
  • A mobile app to consult the map of charging stations and much more!
  • A fast-growing European network Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Italy...
recharge elec

Discover Amperus offers!

Your electric charging solution for condominiums

  • Drive 100 km for less than €2.5
  • Terminal and installation from €799 incl. VAT
  • Subscription from €4.99/month incl. VAT
  • Guaranteed protected price for your recharge