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Who are we?

Fulli is a new range of services that accompanies you on all your journeys, a new brand that follows you on the road, in France and in the rest of Europe, so that you can enjoy all the advantages of reinvented mobility.


Fulli, it’s a universe of services

Fulli brings together its brands Mango mobilités for the Télépéage electronic toll collection system, KiWhiPass for the electric recharging card, and Fulli for gas stations. Fulli is for people who are looking for fluidity, fair prices and comfort when traveling, taking breaks or recharging their electric vehicle.

femme voiture

The 5 Fulli advantages for serene travel:


An electronic toll badge

It saves you time at each toll gate, simplifying payment on the motorway and in car parks. A smooth and comfortable trip.


An electric charging card

It gives you access to the largest network of electrical terminals in France and Europe. An all-accessibility journey.


Fulli areas

These have everything to provide you with great relaxation and also to recharge your own energy. A serene journey.


Service stations

Smart recharging at the right price. An efficient journey.


Connected services

A source of inspiration. Our mobile and voice applications help you locate available electric charging stations, the nearest playground for your children and even your favourite restaurants. A trip close to your desires.


Fulli is for everyone

Families, commuters or frequent travellers, professionals, bikers, truck drivers, carpoolers and everyone.

Fulli is for everyone and provides everyone with the solution that suits them.

Ready to hit the road with Fulli?


An electronic toll badge

Badge télépéage-Badge télépéage

With the Fulli toll badge, no more waiting at toll gates. Take advantage of reserved lanes and access many identifiable car parks.


An electric charging card

carte de recharge

With the Fulli electric charging card, recharge your vehicle easily throughout France and the rest of Europe at a lower cost.


Duo Plus Electronic toll and electric charging card

Badge télépéage-Badge télépéage

Take advantage of the Duo Plus combined offer for electric or hybrid vehicles with the Fulli electric charging card and Fulli electronic toll badge.

Fulli Press Room


Press kit: Fulli

On January 4, 2023, APRR/AREA Group's three brands - Fulli (service stations), Mango mobilités (electronic toll collection) and KiWhi Pass (electric recharging card) - will merge into a single, rebranded brand.

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