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All of Fulli in one app

With the Fulli app, you can easily manage all your services from your mobile phone and locate nearby service areas or charging stations.

The Fulli app, to manage everything according to your desires

A world of services in your pocket

The Fulli app is the application to download, on and off the freeway. Manage your electronic toll tag, your recharging card and discover all the points of interest accessible thanks to Fulli. The app is available on Android and iOS.

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Easily access all Fulli service areas

Consult the map of service areas throughout the French motorway network and explore the services (catering, shops, fuel, etc.) Compare, choose and follow the best route. Let the Fulli app guide you!

app télépéage

Manage your electronic toll badge directly

Access your electronic toll account directly: follow your current bills and consumption with 1 click!

You can also, report the loss of a badge, order a replacement or a badge holder, change your contact details and contact customer service.

appli carte de recharge

Manage your Fulli electric charging card

With the Fulli electric charging card, access the largest electric vehicle charging network in France. Using the app, check your account and your latest charging operations, credit your card or change your details from your mobile.

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Locate electric charging stations around you

With 69,000 electric charging stations on the French network alone, there is bound to be one on your route! With the Fulli app, view the types of terminals, their prices, their availability in real time and manage your favourites.


Offer you a personalized experience

Fulli mobile app gives you the option to filter all places on the map as per your requirement.

  • Filter the charging stations on the map according to the power, the type of socket but also the availability of the terminal 
  • Filter the service areas according to the services offered by the application, you are looking for an inflator to reinflate your tires, a sanitation station to drain your campervan or a nursery to change your children. Choose the appropriate service area with the Fulli app. 
  • Filter according to your wishes. Your children keep saying that they want to eat in a fast food restaurant, find all the restaurant brands present in the areas and filter them according to your needs.