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Car parks accessible with your electronic toll badge

More than 1,000 parking lots are accessible throughout Europe with your Télépéage badge. The parking lots can be identified by the "t" at the parking lot entrance. You can also find all these parking lots on your Fulli mobile application.

Map of parking lots


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How to use your electronic toll tag in parking lots, in 3 steps

  1. At the entrance to the parking lot

    When you enter a parking lot equipped with an electronic toll tag system, your tag is detected by a reader at the entrance.
    Parking lots which indicate that the electronic toll tag has been recognized can be identified by the "t" logo, identical to the logo you'll find on all freeways. Continue by taking a ticket at the entrance barrier.

  2. At the parking lot exit

    Head for a lane marked with a "t" logo, insert your ticket and your badge will be detected again as you pass the reader at the exit. The system automatically calculates the parking fee based on your parking time. 
    If you do not wish to pay with your electronic toll tag, store it in its protective pouch so that it cannot be detected, and pay with another means of payment.

  3. Your billing

    You can consult your parking expenses in your online customer area or via the Fulli mobile application. Parking charges are integrated directly into your Télépéage invoice, at no additional cost.

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Pay for your car parks using your electronic toll badge

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Valid in more than 1000 car parks

Access car parks marked with a "t" in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.


A range of benefits just for you

No need to take a ticket or go to the payment terminal, if the car park displays a "t", you can use your badge.


Your invoices appear in your customer area and on your app

Your parking expenses appear directly on your electronic toll bill, at no additional cost.

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Use the Fulli app to find parking lots

Consult the parking lot map from our dedicated mobile application, and you can easily locate parking lots equipped with the electronic toll tag system. The app allows you to find compatible parking lots in real time, and simplifies your journeys so you can plan your itinerary with complete peace of mind.
Download our application to take full advantage of your badge.

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Discover more advantages with the Fulli Electronic Toll