The A13 motorway link from Paris to Normandy.


The North-West freeway, from Paris to Caen

The A13 freeway, stretching for some 225 kilometers, is one of France's most important transport routes, linking the capital, Paris, with the beautiful region of Normandy. Crossing a varied landscape, it offers picturesque views of the Seine valley, majestic châteaux and charming little villages.

This freeway is crucial for freight transport, tourism and linking two culturally rich regions. It also has a rich history, being one of the first French freeways to be built. Whether for business or pleasure, the A13 remains an essential route for exploring the beauty of France.

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The Seine Valley: A Tranquil Odyssey

The A13 freeway takes you gently through one of France's most picturesque regions: the Seine Valley. This peaceful journey offers an immersive experience of the idyllic landscapes of this mythical valley. The twists and turns of the sparkling river reflect the changing skies, creating panoramas worthy of a work of art. Stop off at gems like Les Andelys, where the Château Gaillard stands majestically, a medieval fortress built by Richard the Lionheart. Climb to the top of its ramparts for a breathtaking view over the valley.

As you continue along the A13 through this picturesque valley, you'll be amazed by the beauty of the villages that line the river, each bend in the road revealing a new surprise. The Seine Valley is a jewel box of nature and history, inviting you to explore its tranquil charm and let yourself be carried away by the region's serene ambience.


The History of the Landing Beaches

Your journey along the A13 freeway takes you to an unmissable chapter in world history, the Normandy D-Day Beaches. These stretches of sand, once the scene of the D-Day military operation in 1944, are today places of remembrance, paying tribute to the courage of the Allied soldiers.

Omaha Beach, one of the most famous, is imbued with a solemn atmosphere. The nearby American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer is a place of remembrance for many fallen American soldiers.

The Caen Memorial, an internationally renowned museum, offers a comprehensive perspective on the events of the Second World War. Its interactive exhibits, archival documents and poignant testimonies plunge you into the heart of this dark period in history.

Exploring these sites along the A13 is an unforgettable experience that reminds us of the importance of preserving peace and celebrating the courage of past generations.

Towns to visit around the A13

Image de la ville du Havres

Le Havre city

Le Havre, the pearl of the Normandy coast, seduces with its contemporary architecture, lively port, golden beaches and urban art. Discover a fascinating maritime destination, between tradition and modernity.

image de la ville de deauville

The city of Deauville

Deauville, a renowned seaside resort, will seduce you with its sandy beaches, famous surfboards, horse races, festivals and elegant charm, making it an enchanting getaway in Normandy.

Image de la ville de Caen

The city of Caen

Caen, a true Norman treasure, reveals its medieval past, captivating museums, elegant architecture and friendly atmosphere. An unmissable cultural destination for history and art lovers.