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Most frequently asked questions about: Electronic toll badge

Electronic toll tag management

If I change my vehicle, do I need to do anything about my badge?

Do you have a Cito 30 badge or a badge that allows you to drive abroad? Then yes, you need to update your new registration in your online customer area.

For other offers, you don't need to do anything - we'll get back to you if we need to!

How do I attach my electronic toll tag to my vehicle?

A properly fitted Télépéage badge allows you to enjoy all the comforts of Télépéage and to cross the Télépéage and Télépéage lanes without stopping. Here's how to install it correctly:

1) Clean the inside surface of the windscreen

2) Position the bracket on the windshield*, inside the vehicle, level with the central rear-view mirror. If you don't have a holder, go to your Fulli online customer area or one of our Fulli boutiques to order one.

3) Slide the badge into the holder 

Or let the article guide you!

*Note: newer vehicles are generally equipped with athermic windshields, which can block the passage of waves between the badge and the toll plaza. In this case, a dotted area on the central rearview mirror marks the spot where the badge holder should be placed. If in doubt, consult your vehicle manufacturer's manual.

What should I do if I haven't used my toll tag in a while?

Even in the event of long periods of inactivity, your Télépéage badge will remain active and will always be detected at the tollbooth.

If you change your vehicle, your badge will also remain active, so it's essential to place your badge correctly in its holder on the windshield.

Fulli offers you an article to help you install your badge correctly in your vehicle, let us guide you.

What is the purpose of the protective badge pocket?

A protective pouch is systematically supplied with your Télépéage badge.

Place your Télépéage badge in it to make it undetectable whenever you don't want to use it.

Need a new sleeve? To obtain a new one free of charge :
- Contact your customer service by e-mail
- Visit one of our stores

Can I use the same badge for two vehicles?

Your electronic toll package is independent of your vehicle, unless the package you have taken out requires you to register your license plate when you subscribe. Otherwise, you can take your badge with you when you change cars. 

If you regularly use two different cars, don't hesitate to request an additional badge in the Fulli boutique or via your online customer area.

Please note that even if a badge can be used in different light vehicles, it is strictly forbidden to use it for two vehicles that follow each other. Double reading of the badge at a toll station will be interpreted as an error or fraud, and the badge will be refused. What's more, it's extremely dangerous to get out of your car at the toll plaza to lend your badge.

What should I do if my badge is lost or stolen?

We advise you to deactivate your badge as soon as possible. Here are the options for doing so: 
1) Log on to your online customer area in the "My badges" menu, select your badge and click on "Report a lost or stolen badge".

2) or log on to your Fulli app (available free of charge on Google Play and App Store), heading "I manage my badges", then "I've lost my badge". 

3) or visit a Fulli boutique.

4) or contact us by e-mail, quoting your customer number which appears on your invoice.

For your information, the cancellation of your badge takes effect from the date on which the loss or theft is reported; only journeys made after this date will not be billed.

Any badge reported lost will be permanently deactivated and can no longer be used.

In accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale, a €30 loss fee will be charged.

If you find your badge, send it to your Customer Service department for reimbursement of the loss fee.

How electronic toll collection works

Can I pay with electronic toll collection if I'm on a motorcycle?

Of course! To ensure that the "motorcycle" rate is applied, here are a few instructions to follow:

- make sure you choose a toll lane without a "height gauge" (lanes with height gauges are reserved for class 1 vehicles and are forbidden to motorcycles).
Make sure you place your badge correctly to improve its detection at the Télépéage terminal:
- In the tank bag, in the transparent "road map" compartment (with the badge label facing the ground).
- In the bubble on the front of the motorcycle (with the badge label facing the ground)
- In a Télépéage armband (with the badge label against you)
- In your jacket pocket, if you don't have a bubble or tank bag (with the badge label against you).

Please note: If more than one motorcycle passes through the tollgate, be sure to pass one after the other. Don't forget to leave 4 meters between each vehicle.

How can I use my electronic toll tag to pay for parking in a parking lot?

With your Télépéage badge, you can pay your parking charges in almost 600 parking lots in France and 1,000 parking lots in Europe if you have a badge for travelling abroad. 

To use your Télépéage badge in a parking lot :
- Check that the parking lot accepts the Télépéage badge: it displays the "T" logo at its entrance,
- Enter the parking lot with your Télépéage badge correctly attached to the windscreen so that it is detected,
- To exit the parking lot with your vehicle, go to the exit terminal displaying the "T" logo. The transaction recorded in the parking lot will appear on your next invoice.

If necessary, insert the parking ticket received at the entrance into the exit terminal to trigger the opening of the barrier.

Please note: If you are given a ticket on entry, you do not need it to pay for your parking. However, in some parking lots it may still be necessary to open the pedestrian access when you return to collect your vehicle. So be sure to keep it with you! 

How do I cross a Télépéage lane with my badge?

You can use your badge with different classes of vehicle:
- a passenger vehicle (car), less than 2 meters high, with or without trailer (class 1 vehicle)
- a van or camper van, less than 3 meters high (class 2 vehicle)
- a motorcycle or sidecar (class 5 vehicle).

To cross a Télépéage lane :
Make sure your Télépéage badge is correctly positioned. It must be attached to the central rear-view mirror in the dotted area. As you approach the barrier, reduce your speed and maintain a distance of 4 meters between you and the vehicle in front.

To help you position your vehicle correctly, take a look at the following video.

When arriving at the toll plaza, take a Télépéage or Télépéage non-stop lane when entering or exiting the freeway. If there is no Télépéage or Télépéage sans arrêt lane, your badge can be used in all toll lanes.
Before crossing the barrier, you must wait for the light to turn green.chir a Télépéage lane with my badge?

Can I use the Télépage reserved lanes if I have a load on the roof?

Some lanes reserved for Télépéage customers are limited in height by a gauge: only vehicles less than 2 m high, including load, are allowed to use them.

If you're driving with a load on the roof, check the overall height. If in doubt, use an unrestricted lane.

Why won't the tollgate open even if I have a badge?

If you have problems detecting your electronic toll tag, make sure it is correctly attached to the central mirror in the dotted area.

If it is not detected, contact our teams by pressing the "Assistance" button on the toll booth. We remind you that backing up at the toll plaza is strictly forbidden. 
Then contact us to obtain a new badge.

If I have a Fulli electronic toll tag, does it work on the entire French motorway network?

Yes, with your electronic toll tag, you can travel on all French freeways with ease.

With the Fulli Nomade offer, you can also travel in Spain, Portugal and, if you choose this option, Italy.

To discover all our toll tag, click here.


How do I cancel my contract?

To cancel your electronic toll contract, simply return your badge.

There are several ways to do this:

- go directly to one of our Fulli shops

- send the return slip by post with your badge(s) to : APRR CENTER LOGISTIQUE FULLI 82, ROUTE DE VERDUN BP 10356 F-21209 BEAUNE CEDEX

Cancellation will be final only upon receipt of your badge(s). This address must be used only for your cancellation request, accompanied by your badge(s).

subscribe to the fulli electronic toll tag

How long does it take to deliver a Fulli electronic toll tag?

We undertake to dispatch your order within 48 working hours from the date of your subscription. Delivery then depends on postal delays. Please allow an average of 8 working days from the date of your order outside metropolitan France.

Is an electronic toll tag really worthwhile if I'm only taking the freeway on vacation?

Even if you don't use the freeway regularly, it's still worth taking advantage of a Télépéage offer. With an offer adapted to occasional use, you benefit from all the advantages of Télépéage, and only pay for your badge when you use it: discover the offer that suits your needs here.

How can I subscribe to a Télépéage offer if I live abroad?

You can subscribe directly here

Please note that subscription to a Télépéage package is open to all foreign residents domiciled in the SEPA zone who have a bank account with a bank that accepts SEPA direct debits in euros.

Services Fulli

What's the Fulli app for?

The Fulli mobile application lets you :  

- Manage your Télépéage badge: consult your consumption and invoices, order a replacement badge or badge holder, report the loss of a badge, modify your personal information or contact customer service. 

- Manage your Fulli recharge card: access your consumption history and invoices in just a few clicks.

- Consult the interactive map to locate the ideal service area (stores, restaurants, fuel, etc.) and electric charging stations (type of station, rate and availability in real time).

The app is available free of charge on Android and iOS, so download it now!

Y a-t-il un programme fidélité avec le badge télépéage Fulli ?

Fulli propose un programme d'avantages, c'est un service compris avec le badge donnant accès à des avantages et promotions exclusives auprès de nos partenaires. Bénéficiez d'offres et de réductions exceptionnelles dans les domaines loisirs, voyage, sport...

Si vous êtes client, rendez-vous dans votre espace client Télépéage puis cliquez sur "Bons plans" dans la barre de navigation en haut. 

Pour en savoir plus rendez-vous ici 

Using the customer area

How can I connect to my online customer area?

Go to the login page of your Télépéage customer area.

For a first connection, click on "First connection or forgotten password" at the bottom of the page. Enter your e-mail address or your customer number (starting with 250, followed by 9 digits), an e-mail to personalize your password will be sent to you. To personalize your password, use a personal password that meets the required security criteria (minimum 8 characters containing at least one upper case, one lower case, one number and one special character).

If you've forgotten your password, don't panic: click on "First login or forgotten password" at the bottom of the login page in your Fulli customer area, and follow the same procedure as described above.
Discover also the Fulli app to simplify the management of your account!

How do I order a new holder for my electronic toll tag?

- Go directly to a Fulli boutique, where you'll receive a support free of charge
- or order your bracket via your Fulli customer area (you will be charged €2.50 for shipping) or via the Fulli mobile app.

Where can I view my trips for the current month?

In your online customer area, in the "My invoices" section, then "Journeys awaiting invoicing". 

You can also find this information on the Fulli app.

How do I replace a badge that no longer works?

Before requesting a replacement, make sure your badge is correctly attached to your windshield, in the area reserved for this purpose (usually indicated by black dots).

If your badge is correctly attached but still doesn't work :
- Go to one of our Fulli stores to have it tested and, if necessary, get a new one.
- Go to your online customer area to request a replacement, under "My badges" > "Actions". When you receive your new badge, please send us the old defective one by post to the address you will be given.

How can I change if I'm already a Télépéage customer?

You can change your subscription :
- in your online customer area,
- in one of our boutiques,
- by contacting our customer service department, using the contact details on the header of your invoice.

How can I get an additional badge if I'm already a customer?

You can obtain an additional badge by :
- from your online customer area 
- in one of our Fulli shop, 
- from our customer service department, using the contact details on the header of your invoice.

I am a Fulli electronic toll customer. Where can I find my login?

Your login enables you to connect to your online customer area. It corresponds to your Fulli customer number (starting with 250, followed by 9 digits), which you can find :
- on your monthly invoice
- on your badge label
- on your subscription contract

You can also log in to your online customer area using the e-mail address you've given us.

Payment for my toll journeys

How do I access my electronic toll bill?

To access your e-bills, go to "My bills" in your online customer area, or download the Fulli mobile application. You'll find your e-bills and your consumption history for the last 18 months. 

It's simple, practical and environmentally friendly!

Note: your bill for month M is generally available in your online customer area from the 10th of month M+1.

Can I change the date on which my bill is debited?

No, it's a fixed date, usually around the 15th of the month.

Can I have my bill debited from a bank account other than my own?

Bills cannot be debited from an account other than that of the holder of the electronic toll contract.

I've noticed an error on my invoice. Who should I contact?

For any problem concerning the amount of your invoice, you can :
- Visit one of our Fulli boutiques,
- Contact us using the contact details at the top of your invoice,
- Fill in the contact form in the "Need help?" section of your online customer area.

When can I download my electronic toll invoice?

In general, you can download your bill from your customer area from the 12th of each month.

What happens if all or part of an invoice goes unpaid?

In the event of your bill being rejected, you will be informed by your bank. You will also receive a message when you log on to your online customer area. At the same time, you will receive a notice from our collections department, by e-mail and/or SMS or by post.

From that moment on, your Télépéage badge will be refused at the toll plaza. To regularize your situation and have your badge operational again, you must pay the full amount of your invoice and the associated fees.

What can I do if I've paid the wrong price toll?

For any problem concerning the amount of your invoice, you can :
- Visit one of our Fulli boutiques,
- Contact us using the contact details at the top of your invoice,
- Fill in the contact form in the "Need help?" section of your online customer area.

Where to find ?


A car park accessible with your badge

Use your Fulli Télépéage badge to access over 1,000 car parks in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy!


An electric recharging point

The Fulli electric recharging card gives you access to the leading recharging network in France, with almost 55,000 charging points throughout the country.


Our Fulli shops

Visit one of our shops for information or to take out a Télépéage offer.

Frequently asked questions about: Electric charging cards

Management of the recharge card

How do I use my Fulli recharge card?

Log on to your customer area to activate and credit your card. You'll then be able to use your card at any recharging station in the Fulli network. From your customer area, you can also view your transaction history and available balance, and deactivate your card in the event of loss or theft.

Note: there are also special offers for professionals and fleet managers: click here or contact us at servicepro-elec@fulli.com.

How do I activate my card?

Once you've received your Fulli card, go to your online customer area to activate it. In the Manage my card(s) > Activate my card section, fill in the required information and click validate.

My Fulli recharge card was supplied by my dealer. How do I activate it?

To activate your partner card, click here. Once activated, the corresponding subscription will be automatically applied.

How do I credit my card?

Go to your Fulli online customer area to credit the desired amount, in the Dashboard tab, then Credit my account. A minimum credit of €20.00 is recommended to ensure that your card works at all network terminals.

How do I find my electric charging bills?

You can find all your invoices in your fulli recharge customer area.

How the recharge card works

How do Fulli recharge cards work?

With the Fulli charging and payment card, you can access 3,000,000 charging points in France and Europe.

With the Fulli card, rechargeable online - computer and mobile - you have access to virtually all electric charging points in France. You can also access a network of charge points in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Ireland.

What do I do if my card doesn't work?

First of all, check in your customer area that your card has been activated and that your account has been credited. If the card still doesn't work, the problem may lie with the terminal used (see question "What to do if a terminal doesn't work").

What do I do if I've lost my card?

If you have lost your Fulli card, deactivate it in your Fulli customer area under Manage my card(s) > Deactivate. You can then order a new card via "Order my card". Don't forget to activate it on receipt!

How do I order a second card?

Additional cards can only be obtained with the Confort subscription (€6 per card). To do so, go to your online customer area and click on "Order my card". Your additional card will be delivered within 2 to 5 working days.

Charging stations

What kind of plugs will I find to recharge my electric vehicle on the freeway?

On the freeway, 3 types of plug are available at each of our stations:

- CCS: European standard for vehicles accepting high and very high power,

- T2: European standard for high-power vehicles,

- CHAdeMO: Japanese standard for vehicles accepting high and very high power.

How long does a freeway charge last?

If you recharge your electric vehicle on the freeway, the average estimated charging time is 30 minutes. However, this time may vary from one vehicle to another.

There are several factors involved:
- Vehicle battery capacity,
- Battery level,
- Terminal power,
- Type of charging station,
- Weather conditions (e.g. car too hot = slower to recharge).

How much does it cost to recharge your electric vehicle on the freeway?

This depends on several criteria:
- the power delivered by the terminal (the higher the terminal's power, the higher the price, and vice versa),
- charging time,
- payment: pay-as-you-go or by subscription (via a mobility card).
- charging can be by the minute, kilowatt or a combination of the two. It all depends on the operator.

Find the Fulli recharge card that suits your needs!

How can I find a charging point for my electric car?

Find all the charging stations covered by the Fulli network by clicking here or by downloading the Fulli app.

An interactive map allows you to locate charging stations and find out in real time their availability, type of plug and rate.

What to do when a terminal doesn't work?

If you encounter a problem with an electric charging station, please contact the operator via the telephone number displayed on the station. Your Fulli card allows you to connect to the charging stations, but Fulli does not maintain them.

If you are unable to contact the operator, please let us know via our contact form, specifying the date and references of the faulty bollard.

Do I have to charge my vehicle 100% at the charging stations?

We recommend charging between 20% and 80%. Recharging is optimized in terms of time and acquisition power when your vehicle's battery level is between 20% and 80%.

Please note: recharging from 80% to 100% will take just as long as recharging from 20% to 80%. We also advise you to avoid micro-charging, which could damage your battery.

Subscribe to the Fulli recharge card

What is the delivery time for the Fulli recharge card?

We are committed to shipping your recharge card within 72 working hours from the date of your order. Please allow an average of 5 working days after placing your order.

Why choose the Fulli recharge card?

Fulli gives you access to the largest network of charging stations in France. A total of 300,000 charging stations in Europe are accessible with your Fulli card. 

Fulli is also one of the only operators to supply electricity at the energy supplier's price. Fulli's only remuneration comes from the customer's fee-for-service commission.

Find all the charging stations covered by the Fulli network by clicking here or by downloading the Fulli app.

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Where can I find it?


A car park accessible with your badge

Use your Fulli Télépéage badge to access over 1,000 car parks in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy!


An electric recharging stations

The Fulli electric recharging card gives you access to the leading recharging network in France, with almost 85,000 charging points throughout the country.


Our Fulli shops

Visit one of our shops for information or to take out a Télépéage offer.

Do you have a question? A comment?

Due to technical problems, we advise you to write to us directly at the following e-mail address: serviceclients@fulli.com 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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Fulli shops

To find out about opening times, click on the Fulli shop of your choice on the map.

You can also contact us by phone on 0 806 004 004 for the hearing impaired (free service + call) or via the Fulli app.

Fulli boutiques on the APRR motorway network:

Boutique de Beaune - 82 Route de Verdun, 21200 Beaune, France

Boutique de Fleury-en-Bière - Péage de Fleury-en-Bière, A6, 77630 Barbizon
Boutique de Saint-Apollinaire - 36 rue DR Schmitt, 21850 Saint-Apollinaire
Boutique de Besançon - ZAC Valentin Sortie 4, A36, 25048 Besançon
Boutique de Mâcon - Péage Mâcon N, 71000 Mâcon
Boutique de Clermont-Ferrand - Barrière de péage Clermont, A71, 63360 Saint-Beauzire
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Boutique de Beynost - ZAC des Baterses n°4 Chemin des Malettes, 01700 Beynost 

Les boutiques Fulli sur le réseau autoroutier AREA

Boutique Aire de l'Isle-d'Abeau sud - Aire de services de l'Isle d'Abeau, 38080 l'Isle-d'Abeau
Boutique de Chambéry - 350 Rue Denis Papin, 73290 La Motte-Servolex
Boutique Annecy la Ripaille - A41 Nord, Route du Champ de l'Ale, 74600 Annecy 
Boutique de Saint-Martin-Bellevue - Centre de Péage de Saint Martin Bellevue, A41, 74350 Allonzier-la-Caille
Boutique de Voreppe - Centre de Péage de Voreppe, Pont de Veurey, 38340 Voreppe
Boutique de Crolles - Chemin de Pré-Pichat Centre de Péage, 38920 Crolles 
Boutique du Viaduc de Millau - Compagnie Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau Péage de Saint-Germain - BP 60457 - 12104 Millau