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Free flow for a fluid highway without toll stops

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A79, the first free-flow motorway in France

In October 2022, ALIAÉ commissioned the A79+, the first French motorway to offer free flow tolls over 88km. No more barriers and slowing down, Free flow works by automatically reading your electronic toll badge or registration plate when the vehicle passes the gate.

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The advantages of barrier-free toll

More fluidity: No more stopping and queues at the toll gate.

Better safety: No more stress at the toll gate. Free flow reduces the risk of accidents by avoiding slowing down and restarting in groups of many cars.

More sustainable mobility: Fewer stops mean fuel savings and less C02 emissions. Free-flow’s gate requires much less infrastructure than a conventional toll gate, and therefore there has a much smaller footprint.

flux libre voiture télépéage

Free flow, how it works?

  1. Pass under the gate without stopping. Your vehicle is automatically identified. Your precise time is recorded by sensors continuously scanning the traffic lanes.

  2. When you leave the motorway, another gate identifies and calculates your route.

  3. You can automatically pay for your journey with your electronic toll badge or by entering your license plate. You can also pay on the Internet or at the terminals installed on motorway service areas.

The benefits of Free flow

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Travel with complete peace of mind and freedom on the network without having to stop.



Forget changing lanes at the toll, travel without constraints and safely.



Free flow avoids consumption of fuel due to restarting and helps reduce pollution emissions, in particular for heavy goods vehicles.


No commitment

Electronic toll or plate registration; choose the offer that suits your needs. You can pay for your trip using the terminals available in certain service areas.


Quel avenir pour le flux-libre en France ? 

L'A13/14 ouverture prévue en 2024 !

L'autoroute A13 et l'autoroute A14 seront bientôt en flux-libre. En effet, les portiques sont installés. L'autoroute seront actifs en Juin 2024 pour l'A13 et en décembre 2024 pour l'autoroute A14.  

Ce n'est pas tout ! D'autres autoroutes en flux-libre verront le jour dans les prochaines années. On parle notamment de l'A412, le projet devrait bientôt voir le jour puisque l'Etat est entré en négociations exclusives avec le groupe Eiffage pour la concession de cette autoroute.

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Travel freely on the A79!