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Charging station map

What are the features of the Fulli charging station map?

1. Locate your terminals!

The Fulli electric charging station map lists and locates available charging stations. It provides you with essential information, including location, type of charging station, type of plug, charging speed, cost (if any), opening hours and additional services available nearby, all the information you need to recharge your vehicle...

2. Filter to suit your needs!

One of the map's most useful features is its search and filter function. You can search for charging stations close to their current position, or at a specific location. What's more, you can filter the results according to your specific needs, such as the charging power required or compatibility with your connector type. Whether you prefer fast or slow charging, filter according to your requirements.

3. No more worries thanks to Fulli!

By providing accurate, up-to-date information on charging stations, the charging station map helps reduce the anxiety associated with electric vehicle range. The map gives you the confidence to plan your journeys and recharge your vehicles with complete peace of mind.

The map is also available on the Fulli mobile application, providing real-time information on the status of charging stations, including their availability and status.

As part of the energy transition plan, all Fulli service areas are equipped with charging stations.


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