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Duo Plus

Take advantage of the Télépéage badge to drive freely in France, Spain and Portugal and access France's leading network of electric charging stations with your Fulli charging card.

Drive 100% electric and save 5% on all your journeys on the APRR and AREA networks until 31 January 2024.

2.90€ per month
Description courte de l'avantage
Electronic toll badge valid throughout France and beyond.
Description courte de l'avantage
An electric charging station access and payment card

2.90€/month in France excluding the cost of the electric charge and the toll. 

This offer is for private individuals in class 1, 2 and 5 vehicles only.


Offer details

Management fees Monthly France
Prix TTC
2,90 €
Management fees Monthly Spain/Portugal (travelled day)
Prix TTC
2,40 €
Card delivery costs
Prix TTC
4,00 €
Delivery fees outside France
Prix TTC
10,00 €
Télépéage Fulli

Details and benefits


Save money with Duo Plus

With Duo Plus, you pay only €2.90/month, regardless of the number of electric recharges and tolls (excluding the cost of the electric recharge and the toll).


5% on all your trips in a 100% electric car

Take advantage of an exceptional 5% discount for one year on all your journeys on the APRR and AREA network.


Save time at the toll booth

Drive through the dedicated “t” and “t30” lanes without stopping at 30 km/h. Payment is made automatically via your badge.


Access to 200 000 electric charging points in Europe

And charge your vehicle on France's leading electric charging network.

Télépéage Fulli

Frequently asked questions

Can I travel abroad with my offer?

Yes, your Fulli Télépéage badge allows you to drive on all motorways in France, with or without toll barriers (free-flow motorways), but also in Spain and Portugal.
And with the charging card, you can access 200 000 charge points in Europe.

Can I manage my Télépéage badge directly from the Fulli app ?

Of course, you can track your trips and power recharges for the current month, check your bills, order a new badge holder, change your contact details... To find out more, click here.

How do I find the charging stations accessible with the Fulli charging card?

You can find all the charging stations covered by our Fulli network directly from our Fulli app, or by clicking here. 

How soon will I receive my card and badge?

Your badge and card will be sent within 2 working days.

voyage fulli
Want to drive more freely without wasting time? Choose Duo Plus !