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Free-flow toll collection with the ALIAE A79 Télépéage badge

Pass through the tollgate without stopping with innovative technology that makes motorway travel even freer! Introducing free-flow tolling. No more barriers. Camera-equipped gantries detect your Télépéage badge or your vehicle's number plate as you enter and leave the free-flow section of the motorway. Smoother, faster, simpler and more environmentally friendly, Fulli takes a look at how barrier-free toll collection works.

What is a free-flow motorway?

No more tickets, thanks to the identification of the vehicle by its Télépéage badge or its registration number, you can pass through the gantry without stopping. Already in use in several European countries (Spain, Portugal, Austria), Canada, the United States, India and Chile, the first 88 km section of the A79 in France will be free-flowing in November 2022 between Montmarault (Allier) and Digoin (Saône-et-Loire). The introduction of this free-flow tolling system is part of the French Mobility Orientation Law (LOM), which provides for the system to be extended to other motorways in France. The system has proved its reliability, and several other projects have been announced on the A4, A13-A14, A69 and A412.

While the time savings are undeniable, this technology also serves to reduce carbon emissions. The principle: users pay their toll not by stopping, but by driving at 130km/h or 110km/h on rainy days. This ensures that traffic flows smoothly and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. For heavy goods vehicles in particular, eliminating the deceleration and acceleration phases in favour of constant speeds would save 1,000 tonnes of CO2 over 5 years.

What's more, a free-flow gantry requires less infrastructure than a conventional toll plaza. As a result, less land is developed and the impact on the natural environment is greatly reduced.

How does free-flow tolling work?

Free-flow tolls are tolls without barriers. On the A79, operated by APRR, 6 gantries have been installed along the 88 km of free-flow motorway. Equipped with cameras and lasers, they replace the toll barriers, so you won't have to slow down to 30 km/h as you would for conventional electronic toll collection. The gantries located along the route communicate with each other to refine the camera axis (front, rear, side).


Signs along the motorway indicate that you are travelling on a free-flow toll motorway and inform you of the payment methods available to pay for your journey.

  • When a vehicle passes under a gantry, cameras, beacons and lasers identify the Télépéage badge and the number plate. Every time a vehicle passes through the gantry, it is accurately dated, whatever the weather conditions.


  • The information collected is analysed by the free-flow system to retrace the vehicle's route and calculate the toll due, while complying with legislation on the confidentiality of personal data.


  • The easiest way to pay for your journey on the A79 is to subscribe to the Télépéage badge. Then there's nothing more to do. The gantries detect it, which triggers the billing as on any toll motorway. And because a well-fixed badge is a well-detected badge, make sure it is always correctly positioned on the windscreen.


And if you regularly use the A79 motorway, you can choose the ALIAE A79 Télépéage badge to benefit from a discount of up to 60%.

  • Automatically billed journeys, no risk of forgetting a payment
  • Access to the reserved lanes of conventional barrier toll plazas
  • Access to "t" car parks
  • No commitment
  • 0 administration fee for unused months
  • Can be used on motorways in Spain and Portugal.


With the ALIAE Télépéage badge, as with all Fulli Télépéage packages - including Fulli Liber-t Vacances - you benefit from all the advantages of classic Télépéage and can travel on all the motorways in France.

If you do not yet have a Télépéage badge, you can also pay for your journey within 72 hours of crossing the A79, online at the ALIAE payment website or at one of the 16 payment terminals available along the A79 motorway.


Drive with a clear head on the A79

Between Allier and Saône-et-Loire, a wealth of tourist treasures awaits you: historic monuments, natural sites and leisure parks. Along the A79, the miles go by and travellers are invited to discover the rich heritage and culture of the region: from the thermal baths of Vichy to the Cluniac site of Souvigny, the Moulins costume museum and the discovery of the Saint-Pourçain grape variety to the medieval city of Montluçon, the A79 motorway invites you to take a trip.  

Stop off at the Bourbonnais service area for a gourmet break at l'Echoppe de Gustave. In this former farmhouse, you can sample the famous potato pâté and many other local products. And of course, take advantage of this break to recharge your electric car, as you can at 100% of the service areas on the APRR/AREA network.

A little further on, coming from Paris, exit 28, Thiel-sur-Acolin, gives you direct access to the only park in France to combine attractions, animals and unusual accommodation: the PAL. 1,000 wild animals (white rhinoceroses, giraffes, cockatoos and yellow capuchins) await you in 50 hectares of natural surroundings.


The future of the A13/A14 will also be free-flowing

It's official: motorists on the A13 and A14 motorways will soon no longer need to stop under toll gates on the Paris-Normandy route. The free-flow system will replace the traditional toll system by the end of 2024. 

More than twenty-nine gantries will line the A13 and A14 freeways. Implementation of the free-flow system will take place in several stages, starting in the first quarter with the installation of some fourteen gantries, while motorists can continue to use temporary lanes. The changeover will continue throughout the year until the end of 2024. The project will then be completed in 2025, by which time customers will be able to enjoy a toll-free freeway and save time on their journeys.



Discover the ALIAE.COM website

Whether you are an occasional or regular motorway user, there are several payment solutions available to you for paying your toll on the A79 free-flow motorway.