image panneaux A48

The A48 motorway, from Cessieu to Saint-Égrève


The highway of the Dauphiné

The A48, winding between Grenoble and Lyon, reveals a spectacular panorama in the heart of the French Alps. Travelers can marvel at the majestic peaks and picturesque valleys that line this iconic road. By taking the A48, they can also discover historical gems such as the Château de Vizille, cradle of the French Revolution, or stop in the charming alpine villages to savor the local cuisine.

The A48 offers a picturesque getaway, combining road adventure and cultural discoveries in the heart of an enchanting alpine landscape.

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Discover France along the A48


The cîmes of the chartreuse

The A48 motorway unveils an enchanting journey through the natural gems of south-east France. No sooner have you left Grenoble than you find yourself immersed in the foothills of the Chartreuse massif, a mountainous region of striking beauty. The imposing peaks of the Dent de Crolles and the Charmant Som loom on the horizon, offering a breathtaking spectacle to travelers.

Continuing your route, you will reach the charming village of Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, nestled in the heart of this mountain range. Surrounded by lush forests, this charming place seduces visitors with its picturesque streets and historic abbey, creating an atmosphere of tranquility.


Natural journey in the Vercors

Continuing your journey along the A48, the road leads you to the peaceful landscapes of the Vercors. The impressive limestone cliffs and vast meadows characterize this unspoilt region. One of the must-see stops is the Choranche Cave, an underground cave with spectacular rock formations. Outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted by the possibilities of activities such as hiking in the Vercors Regional Natural Park, offering exceptional panoramas of the surrounding mountains.

Whether you are a natural history enthusiast or a lover of the great outdoors, the treasures along the A48 motorway promise an adventure rich in discoveries, steeped in the magic of these preserved landscapes.

Cities to discover along the A48

Image de la ville de Voiron

The city of Voiron

Explore Voiron, an enchanting French city nestled between mountains and lakes. Savour the delights of the land with the famous Chartreuse, stroll through the historic center, and discover the art of living of Voiron.

Image de la ville de Grenoble

The city of Grenoble

Discover Grenoble, between mountains and rivers, a vibrant mix of history and innovation. Explore its museums, explore the picturesque alleys, and contemplate the alpine peaks that surround this dynamic city.

Image de la ville de Voreppe

The city of Voreppe

Voreppe, a little-known pearl at the gateway to the Alps, offers provincial charm and unspoilt nature. Stroll along the Isère, explore its historical heritage, and immerse yourself in a bucolic tranquility.