Reduce your motorway budget by .30% !
If you make the same journey at least 20 times during the month (i.e. 10 return journeys), then Cito 30 is for you !

The 30% discount is triggered by the 21st journey you make on the chosen route, and applies to all journeys made during the month, from the first to the last.

30% discount on your journey on the AREA network
Description courte de l'avantage
Targeted journeys, with reductions as a reward
Description courte de l'avantage
Reduce your motorway budget!

30% off, starting from 20 journeys

This offer is for private individuals and applies to journeys made in a Class 1 or 5 vehicle



You have 14 days from receipt of the card to exercise your right of withdrawal. You can use the withdrawal form by clicking here


Click here to see the complete price list.

Offer details

Management fees Monthly France
Prix TTC
2,50 €
Card delivery costs
Prix TTC
4,50 €
Delivery fees outside France
Prix TTC
10,00 €
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Frequently asked questions

On which highways in France can I use my badge ?

Your Fulli Télépéage badge allows you to travel on all French highways, with or without toll barriers (free-flow highways).

How soon will I receive my Fulli badge ?

Your badge will be shipped within 2 business days.

Can I manage my Télépéage badge directly from the Fulli app ?

Of course, you can track your trips for the current month, view your invoices, order a new badge holder, change your contact information... To learn more, click here.

How do I know the class of my vehicle and if this offer is suitable ?

This offer is available to individuals with a class 1 and 5 vehicle. We invite you to consult the details of the vehicle classes here.

Tollbadge Fulli

Details and advantages


-40% on your journey on the AREA network

Get a 40% discount if you make the same journey at least 20 times a month on the AREA network - ten round trips.


A real time saver at the toll

Enjoy the non-stop passage at 30km/h on the dedicated tracks "t" and "t30". The payment is done automatically thanks to your badge, on all highways of France.


Valid in more than 600 identified car parks

Access our car parks and pay with your Fulli toll tag.


An online customer area, simplified management

Track your consumption and invoices, order a new badge holder or change your details: manage your entire account.

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