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How to properly attach your Télépéage badge to your windshield for a comfortable trip?

You are all familiar with this small device that is attached to the windshield inside your vehicle and allows you to pay tolls in lanes marked with a "t". With more than 5,200 lanes equipped on the entire French motorway network, in 2022, 52% of toll transactions were carried out with a Liber-t Télépéage badge. No more stopping at the toll booth. No more flying tickets, no more coins falling on the ground, no more arms too short to swipe your credit card. In short, you save time, as long as your badge is properly attached to the windshield at the level of the rearview mirror. 

The Télépéage badge works by radio wave

The Télépéage badge is an electronic box inside your vehicle that transmits a radio signal when you pass through the tollgate. The box emits a sound signal, the light turns green and the barrier is automatically raised. All this in a few seconds. You can leave. You don't have to do anything, your journey will be accounted for directly on your monthly Télépéage invoice.

There are many Fulli electronic toll collection formulas, for frequent drivers, for vacations or for everyday journeys. It can be used on all freeways in France, but also in Italy, Spain and Portugal, depending on the formula. It also gives access to more than 1,000 parking lots (all over Europe) marked with a "t".

A properly attached Télépéage badge is a properly detected badge

Did you know that in 90% of the cases where the badge does not work, it is because it has been incorrectly positioned on the windshield? It is very important that the badge is correctly attached to the windshield so that the transmission between the badge and the toll booth is correct. A Télépéage badge that is properly attached to the windscreen prevents billing anomalies.

Your badge must be attached to the windshield next to your rearview mirror so that it is detected and the barrier is raised. For a vehicle equipped with an athermic windshield, it is essential to install the bracket in the dotted area at the level of the central rearview mirror. If in doubt, you can consult your vehicle's manufacturer's manual.

How do you position your badge inside your vehicle?

  1. Clean the athermal zone of your windshield at the level of the rearview mirror, with the wipe provided
  2. Remove the adhesive protection from the mounting bracket and stick it on the windshield. Press on it for a few seconds for a perfect fit.
  3. Slide your badge into the mounting bracket. If you hear a "click", your badge is correctly in place. It will be well identified by the toll booth.
  4. To remove your badge from the holder, squeeze the badge and pull slightly, while holding the holder with your other hand to prevent it from coming off. This can be useful if you have a second car.
  5. You can get another holder in Fulli stores or by ordering it in your Fulli customer area or with your Fulli app.

Do not throw away the pouch containing your badge. We recommend that you keep it for storage when you are not using it. Did you also know that your badge can be damaged by waves? Therefore, do not store it near a cell phone.

And if your badge doesn't work despite being properly attached to your windshield, log on to your customer area to request an exchange.

What about motorcycles? For optimal use, place your badge :

  • in the bubble on the front of the motorcycle (with the badge label facing the ground),
  • in a Télépéage armband,
  • in the tank bag, in the transparent front "road map" compartment (with the badge label facing the ground),
  • or in the pocket of your jacket, with the badge label facing you.

With Télépéage, pass through the toll gate more quickly

Once your Electronic Toll Collection badge is securely attached to the mirror, it works in all toll lanes in France. There are lanes reserved for Electronic Toll Collection that other travelers cannot use if they are not equipped. They are indicated by a lighted signal "t" or "t30".

When approaching the toll booth, raise your foot. Make sure to keep a distance of 4 meters between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you have chosen one of the non-stop Electronic Toll Collection lanes marked "t30", reduce your speed to 30 km/h and cross the lane without stopping.  If you use a lane marked "t", you must stop. The light turns green, your badge has been detected, you can cross the toll barrier.

Depending on your plan, your badge will also work at the toll booths of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian freeways. Specific signs indicate the dedicated lanes. For more information, please refer to the booklet you receive when you subscribe to Fulli Electronic Toll Collection.

And now, tolls without barriers

Tolls without barriers, known as free-flow tolls, are now open. It is very important to attach your Télépéage badge properly so that it can be detected for billing purposes. These advances have two advantages: they make traffic flow more smoothly and they reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding deceleration and acceleration phases.

In 2022, the first freeway without toll barriers was opened in France on the A79 (Montmarault-Digoin). The generalization of these free-flow barriers will accelerate in the years to come.


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