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How the electronic toll badge works for professionals ?

Discover our advice on how to take full advantage of all the benefits of the Fulli Pro electronic toll badge, for you and your entire fleet.

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Choose the correct lane

In France, your Pro badge is accepted on all electronic toll lanes, reserved or not.

  • The lanes reserved for electronic tolls are indicated by a “t” light signal.
  • “t30” lanes allow non-stop passage up to a speed of 30 km/h.
  • Lanes with a green arrow, CB or Cash lanes are also equipped with the electronic toll collection system.
  • Only lanes with a red cross are closed to all.
  • Always keep a distance of at least 4 metres between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Before moving towards the barrier, wait for the light to turn green!
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Access to more than 1000 car parks

Your Fulli Pro electronic toll badge allows access and payment for car parks marked with a “t” sign in France, in city centres, in train stations or airports, as well as in many car parks abroad.

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Parc Pilo-t, the online management tool designed for professionals


Manage the badges of your entire light vehicles fleet.

Order of new badges, change identifications, end or cancel, all badge changes can be made online.


View your bills.

Access your electronic bills as well as your monthly transaction statements up to 18 months previous.

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Follow your consumption.

View the transactions recorded by your badges as well as all transactions billed or awaiting billing.


Manage access by your employees.

Share access to invoices and badge management with your employees to simplify the management of transaction statements.


Keep the pouch delivered with your badge!

The pouch included with your badge should be kept in your glove box.

This is a protective case that allows you to store your badge when you do not want to use it at toll gates.

Daily advantages for your employees


A genuine time saver, fluid at toll gates and a means of payment.

Save time on all your journeys with automatic payment and specially reserved lanes, non-stop up to 30 km/h.

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Smooth traffic on Europe's motorways

Travel freely on all highways in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.


An app that accompanies wherever you go

Manage your electronic toll and electric charging accounts, locate service areas and electric charging stations available on your journey.

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You are now ready to enjoy your Fulli electric recharge card. Have a good trip!