Fulli supports professionals in France and in Europe too

Do your fleet vehicles travel on the highways of Spain, Portugal or Italy? Your Fulli Pro electronic toll tag will accompany you.


Spain and Portugal

Your Fulli electronic toll badge allows you to travel freely on French motorways, and for €1.50 per month used, in Spain and/or Portugal.

Pass fluidly through the toll gates identified by the “T” on a blue background in Spain or with the “V” on a green background in Portugal.

For you and your employees, the Fulli Pro electronic toll badge opens the way!

péage italie


The Fulli Pro electronic toll badge also works in Italy for an additional €1.50 excluding VAT only for the months used in the country. With the Italy option, the electronic toll badge allows professionals to travel fluidly on French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese motorways.

Use your Electronic Toll badge when passing Telepass tolls marked with a “T” on a yellow background in Italy. Your badge is triggered automatically and opens the barriers. Save time on the road in Italy with your electronic toll badge!

Mobility is our business


A genuine streamlined time saver.

Save time on all your journeys with automatic payment and specially reserved lanes, non-stop up to 30 km/h.

Parc Pilo-T

A management tool designed for professionals

The Parc Pilo-T website is designed to order and manage your badges, view bills and transactions, as well as generate a badges operations log.

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Smooth traffic on Europe's motorways

Travel freely on all highways in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.


An app that accompanies wherever you go

Manage your electronic toll and electric charging accounts, locate service areas and electric charging stations available on your journey.