The dedicated electronic toll plan for professionals allows you to benefit from this convenient, easy system in France and beyond ! Our dedicated plan for professionals allows you to save time at toll booths all over France, Spain and Portugal. No need to keep your receipts, your charges are itemised every month in a single invoice and the total is debited the following month.

1,46 € HT /month
Description courte de l'avantage
Up to five badges, ideal for small companies
Description courte de l'avantage
0€ for unused months in Spain/Portugal
Travel anywhere in France, Spain and Portugal.
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This offer is for professionals, from micro-businesses to large companies, in light and intermediate vehicles (classes 1 or 2) only.


Offer valid for a maximum order of 5 electronic toll badges.

Offer details

Security deposit
Prix HT
20,00 € / HT
Management fees Monthly France
Prix HT
1,46 € / HT
Management fees Monthly Spain/Portugal (travelled day)
Prix HT
1,50 € / HT
Card delivery costs
Prix HT
3,33 € / HT
Delivery fees outside France
Prix HT
8,33 € / HT
Fulli Pro

Details and benefits


0€ for unused months abroad

Pay only for the months you use it abroad. Only €2.40/month used in Spain and/or Portugal.


Save time at the toll booth

Drive through the dedicated “t” and “t30” lanes without stopping at 30 km/h. Payment is made automatically via your badge.


Valid in more than 900 identified car parks

Access our car parks in France, Spain and Portugal, and pay with your Fulli electronic toll badge.


An easy-to-manage online customer account

Track your spending and your invoices, order a new badge, amend your services: manage your entire account.

Fulli Pro

Frequently asked questions

Can I travel abroad ?

Yes, this offer allows you to travel in Spain and/or Portugal for €1.50 (excl. VAT) per month when you use your Télépéage badge in these countries. If you never travel to these countries, you will not pay anything for this service.

I only travel in France, which offer should I choose ?

If you travel occasionally on motorways in France, this offer is for you! Indeed, we only pay for the months when you use your badge, in the countries where you travel. So, if you never go abroad, you won't pay anything for abroad, you will only pay 1.70€ for the months you drive in France.

If you regularly drive on motorways in France, you can find out more about our offers here.


On which motorways in France can I use my badge ?

Your Fulli Télépéage badge allows you to travel on all French motorways, with or without a toll barrier (free flow motorways).

I would like to order more than 5 badges for my company, what should I do ?

For an order of more than 5 badges, fill in a quote request here, we will contact you as soon as possible.

How soon will I receive my Fulli badge ?

Your badge will be shipped within 2 working days.

Can I manage my Télépéage badge directly from the Fulli app ?

Of course, you can follow your journeys for the current month, consult your invoices, order a new badge holder, change your contact details... To find out more, click here.

How do I know the class of my vehicle and whether this offer is suitable ?

This offer is available to individuals with a class 1 and 2 vehicle. We invite you to consult the details of the vehicle classes here.

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