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The multi-brand fuel card distributed by Fulli

The multi-brand fuel card gives you access to the largest network of low-cost petrol stations. You have access to the following brands: Carrefour, Leclerc, Auchan, Esso, Shell and many others. Over 4,300 stations throughout France.

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Discover Fulli's multi-brand fuel card!

Fulli offers you a unique card that adapts to your needs to help you further manage your employees' mobility and give you greater control over the costs associated with their business travel.

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Take advantage of a large, multi-brand fuel card network


+ than 4,300

stations across France


+ than 2,700

low-price stations

+ than 2,000

truck stations

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1st network

on freeways with over 300 stations

No more driving miles to find a gas station! Our extensive acceptance network means you can get around without constraint. Whether you're in town or on the freeway, refuel at one of our partner service stations.

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The 7 advantages of the multi-brand fuel card for a better response to your company's needs

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France's largest low-price network

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Manage your expenses with consolidated reporting for all Fulli services

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The guarantee of always finding a station nearby

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Pump-price billing for maximum transparency

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A high degree of autonomy in managing and configuring your cards

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No more expense claims to manage and no more expense advances for your employees.

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No deposit required*

*Subject to acceptance of your application

Find out more about the multi-brand fuel card 


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Set up your card according to your needs!

  • Possibility of product restrictions (e.g.: set Diesel and not Petrol)
  • Possibility of service restrictions (e.g.: set or not the purchase of lubricants, car accessories, car washes...)
  • Possibility of setting blocking ceilings in euros per day / per month / per transaction (e.g.: for a car 200€/day and 1000€/month)
  • Possibility of setting usage restrictions per day (prohibition on WE), as well as time restrictions (e.g.: from 5am to 10pm from Monday to Friday)
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Additional services 

Pay for your carwash expenses at the 500 stations and carwashes in the service station network.


Better control of your travel budget

To meet the needs of fleet managers and company employees, we provide you with a management space for all Fulli services.

Manage your business travel expenses with a complete overview of all fuel, car wash, toll, electric recharging and parking costs in your Fulli Pro space.

Find the nearest network service station

Use the map below by geolocating yourself or entering the address of your choice to find all nearby service stations in just one click.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the Ticket Fleet Pro multi-brand fuel card?

The Ticket Fleet Pro fuel card is dedicated to professionals, enabling them to pay for their fuel purchases. The card, which can be configured, is nominative and secured by a PIN code, enabling company employees to refuel at over 4,300 service stations throughout France. The card is used to centralize all fuel expenditure and generate a single invoice for all transactions.

Who can benefit from the Ticket Fleet Pro fuel card?

This card is reserved for craftsmen, small businesses, SMEs, local authorities, administrations, public establishments, etc., all types of professionals whatever their sector of activity. Private individuals are not eligible for this offer.