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Fulli's new service: the multi-brand fuel card

Fulli launches a new service for its business customers: the multi-brand fuel card. Choose the Fulli multi-brand fuel card to gain access to a wide network of service stations.

What is the multi-brand fuel card?

The multi-brand fuel card is a payment card dedicated to fuel.
It will enable you to meet all your needs and support you in two areas: managing your employees' mobility and their business expenses. It also gives you greater flexibility in controlling your employees' business travel expenses. For employees, it offers a host of benefits that make their day-to-day travel easier. 

Benefit from a large network of multi-brand fuel cards

The multi-brand fuel card offers you :

  • + 4,200 stations throughout France
  • + 2,600 low-price stations
  • + 2,000 truck stations
  • 1st freeway network with over 300 stations


Our partner brands

Forget about having to travel miles to find a service station, our extensive network of partners gives you the freedom to move around without restriction.

Our extensive network of service stations :



The multi-brand fuel card: benefits for everyone


As a fleet manager, using the multi-brand fuel card offers you several advantages to better meet your company's requirements.

  • You'll be able to manage your expenses thanks to consolidated reporting for all Fulli services.

  • Offer your employees the guarantee of always finding a station nearby.

  • Benefit from pump-price invoicing, for maximum transparency.

  • Greater autonomy in the management and configuration of your cards.

  • You don't have to worry about managing expense accounts or expense advances for your employees.

  • No deposit required*.
    *Subject to acceptance of your application.



Thanks to the multi-brand fuel card, you can offer your employees numerous advantages.

  • Flexibility in choosing service stations: no need to plan journeys in advance, thanks to the multi-brand fuel card, your employees will be able to find the right gas station for them more quickly.

  • No need to advance expenses: your employees will no longer need to advance expenses, thus avoiding expense claims.

  • Automatic expense tracking: transactions are recorded automatically.


The advantages of the Fulli multi-brand fuel card

Configure your cards to suit your needs

You can configure the card to restrict the type of fuel, and authorize only certain types of fuel, for example, to allow only the purchase of diesel and not gasoline. You can also configure the card to authorize or prohibit the purchase of additional services such as lubricants, car accessories or vehicle washing. To avoid unexpected surprises, you can set spending limits in euros per day, per month, or per transaction. For example, for a light vehicle, a limit of €150 per day or €3,000 per month. Finally, you can restrict card use to certain days and/or times. For example, you can prohibit use at weekends, and authorize use from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday.


Dashboard & Reporting for control

To facilitate your needs in terms of fleet management and employee actions, you'll have access to a management space grouping together all Fulli services. You'll be able to control expenses linked to business travel thanks to an optimal view of all fuel, car wash, toll, electric recharging and parking expenses in your Fulli Pro space. To find out more about the management tool, click here.

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The Fulli multi-brand fuel card

The Fulli fuel card, your new ally in managing your employees' expenses.