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Your badge for which vehicle ?

Each vehicle has its own tariff! Whether it's a motorbike, car, camper van or HGV, when you pass the motorway toll booth, the price you pay will be calculated according to the class of your vehicle.

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Class 1 : Light vehicles

Passenger vehicles, height less than 2 m, with or without trailer: saloon, coupé, cabriolet, station wagon, minivan, small utility vehicle, 4x4 etc.

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Class 2 : Intermediate vehicles

Types of vehicles: Van or motorhome, less than 3 m high, pick-up with camper, class 1 vehicle towing a caravan or trailer.

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Class 5 : Motorcycles, sidecars

Types of vehicles: Motorcycles and sidecars.

For the correct application of the prices, motorcycles and sidecars must also keep a distance of 4 m from the preceding vehicle.

Note: Lanes with a height gauge are prohibited for motorcycles.

Ready to hit the road with Fulli?

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Electronic toll badge

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With the Fulli toll badge, no more waiting at toll booths. Take advantage of reserved lanes and access to numerous identified car parks.

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Electric charging card

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With the Fulli electric charging card, recharge your vehicle easily throughout France and the rest of Europe at a lower cost.

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Duo Plus 

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carte de recharge

Electronic toll and electric charging card.

Take advantage of the Duo Plus combined offer for electric or hybrid vehicles with the Fulli electric charging card and Fulli electronic toll badge.