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Benefit from the advantages of the Télépéage badge and a discount of up to 20% on your regular journey of less than 100km on the APRR network.

Up to
20% discount on your journeys
Description courte de l'avantage
Up to 20% off your journeys
Description courte de l'avantage
All motorways in France

- from €20 to €39 of toll consumption, 5% discount

- from €40 to €59 of toll consumption, 10% discount

- from €60 to €89 in toll charges, 15% discount

- from €90 toll consumption, 20% discount


To choose your route and take advantage of this offer, click here!


Offer reserved for class 1 vehicles.

Valid only on the APRR network.

Offer details

Start-up fees
Prix HT
9,17 € / HT
Security deposit
Prix HT
20,00 € / HT
Management fees Monthly France
Prix HT
2,50 € / HT
Card delivery costs
Prix HT
3,75 € / HT
Delivery fees outside France
Prix HT
8,33 € / HT
Tollbadge Fulli

Frequently asked questions

I am a professional. Can I subscribe to this offer?

If you are a professional, go here to take advantage of this offer.

Can I travel abroad with my offer?

No, this offer does not allow you to travel abroad, but we invite you to discover the Nomade + offer by clicking here to travel beyond our borders.

Can I manage my Télépéage badge directly on the Fulli application?

Of course, you can also track your routes for the current month, view your invoices, order a new badge holder, change your contact details... To find out more, click here.

How soon will I receive my Fulli badge?

Your badge will be dispatched within 2 working days.

How can I find out the class of my vehicle and whether this offer is right for me?

This offer is available to individuals with a class 1 vehicle. We invite you to consult the details of vehicle classes here.

Tollbadge Fulli

Details and benefits


Save on your journeys

Take advantage of a discount of up to 20% on your usual journey on the APRR network.


Real time-savers at the tollbooth

Enjoy non-stop passage at 30km/h on dedicated "t" and "t30" lanes. Payment is made automatically with your badge. 


Valid in over 600 identified parking lots

Access our parking lots and pay with your Fulli Télépéage badge.


An online customer area, simplified management

Track your consumption and bills, order a new badge, modify your services: manage your entire account.

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With CITO APRR from Fulli,

Télépéage also saves you money.