Mobility services to accompany all your business trips

Fulli informs you about the services and shops available on your route and guides you according to your needs and desires, to be always more efficient.

Identify and locate shops
and services
on your journeys

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Plan your stops

With Fulli, you can plan all your stops and find your ideal service area to take a break.

Service stations

Electric charging stations

Vehicle maintenance



Rest and well-being

Additional services


The Fulli app, manage everything according to your desires

With the Fulli application, easily manage your services and locate service stations from your phone.

map gris

Easily use the network of service stations and all the services available in the service areas.


Manage your electronic toll badge account directly (up to 5 badges).

Manage your Fulli electric charging card.

Locate electric charging stations around you.


The voice assistant for an ideal break.

Available via the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, the Fulli motorway service area voice application allows you to locate the next service area and find the shops there, along with catering offers, gas stations, electric charging and many other services. Benefit from all this information keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, over the whole French motorway network.

Get the app

Download the free Amazon Alexa
app on your smartphone. Then, activate the Fulli Motorway service areas skill in the Skills library or directly by voice by saying “Alexa, launch Fulli Motorway service areas".


Find an electric charging station anywhere and anytime

No more stress about the battery level dropping. Easily locate charging stations using the Fulli application, check their availability in real time, and see the prices. Once arrived, simply pass your electric charging card in front of the terminal reader and plug in your vehicle!

Locate stations

Filter using preferences

See the prices

Get Station Info