A14: The toll road is now barrier-free, and free-flow is the new rule!

From this Wednesday, free-flow tolling comes into force on the A14 freeway at Montesson (Yvelines) and on the A13 freeway as far as the town of Heudebouville (Eure). Motorists will still have to pay tolls, and this system will gradually be extended to the whole of the Normandy freeway, the A13.

Barrier-free doesn't mean free!

The A14 freeway has taken the plunge, just as the A79 did 18 months ago. The A14 freeway is free of toll barriers, a revolution for the motorway world and for the customers who use it. However, the freeway still has to be paid for. Gantries have replaced toll gates, scanning license plates and assigning the correct class to vehicles to adjust toll rates.

For readers wondering about free flow. 

From now on, how do you pay your toll in free flow on the A14?

How can customers pay their toll and when?

Customers must pay their toll within three days of using the A14, either on the concession company's website or at a tobacconist's equipped with the Nirio payment system (Française des Jeux). This system is designed to reduce traffic jams at the toll plazas. During the period when the existing toll gates are being demolished, vehicles will be diverted to pass under a gantry crane.

The toll tag, for peace of mind at toll booths without barriers!

The third option for paying tolls is to adopt an electronic toll tag. You don't have to go anywhere or think about paying for your electronic toll tag. The badge is detected by the toll gantry, and you're charged automatically on the 15th of the month following your journey. No more mental burden, travel with peace of mind thanks to the badge.

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In December, its big sister, the A13, will also go free-flowing!

Since 5 a.m. this morning, June 19, the A14 freeway has been free-flowing. Soon its big sister, the A13, will be free of toll barriers. This 225-kilometer freeway linking the Ile-de-France and Normandy regions will also go into free-flow at the end of the year, with SANEF planning to switch to free-flow in December. 

18 months on, what's the verdict on the free-flowing A79 freeway?

The A79 freeway now sees almost 15,000 vehicles a day, compared with just 7,000 previously. Of these, 70% are private cars and 30% trucks. Despite this doubling of traffic, no fatal accidents have been recorded on this road, once dubbed "the road of death".

The free-flow system implemented on the A79 offers significant ecological benefits. By eliminating congestion at toll booths and frequent stops, it is estimated that almost 12,000 tonnes of CO2 will be saved. Although more needs to be done to raise awareness of the system among novice drivers, the overall picture is very positive.


The electronic toll tag, the ideal means of payment for free flow!

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