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The A40 freeway from Macon to Geneva


The A40, from Mâcon to the Swiss border

The A40 freeway traces a majestic path through the sublime landscapes linking Mâcon to Geneva. Stretching over some 200 kilometers, this arterial road takes travelers on an exceptional visual journey. Between the golden hills of Burgundy and the imposing peaks of the Alps, the A40 offers a diverse and enchanting spectacle. Passing through such emblematic towns as Bourg-en-Bresse, Annemasse and Geneva, it reveals the region's varied charms.

The A40 freeway offers a fast, fluid link between two distinct natural worlds, with each bend revealing a new facet of Alpine beauty. With its breathtaking scenery and strategic stops, the A40 promises a picturesque adventure, inviting travelers to explore the hidden treasures between France and Switzerland.

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Discoveries around the A40


Enchanted Burgundy along the A40

The A40 freeway, stretching majestically through the picturesque landscapes of France, offers travellers a unique experience in discovering the territories that surround it. All along this expressway, travelers have the opportunity to explore a diversity of territories, each with its own distinct charm. The first few kilometers from Mâcon reveal the beauty of the Beaujolais vineyards, where rolling hills are carpeted with rows of sun-drenched vines. Wine lovers will find this a veritable paradise, with the opportunity to taste the region's famous crus. The picturesque villages along the way also invite you to take a break, offering traditional bakeries, charming cafés and lively squares, where time seems to pass peacefully.


Jura's natural treasures along the A40 motorway

Continuing eastwards, the landscape changes over the miles to reveal the majestic Jura mountains. Green valleys and sparkling lakes provide a natural setting for outdoor activities, from hiking in summer to winter sports in season. The picturesque villages along the way also invite you to enjoy a cultural getaway, with their traditional houses and local markets showcasing regional flavors.

By taking the A40 freeway, travellers embark on a journey where the diversity of the territories crossed harmonizes perfectly with the cultural and gastronomic wealth of this region, creating a tourist adventure rich in discovery.

Towns to visit around the A40

Image de la ville de Genève

The city of Geneva

Geneva, a cosmopolitan city on the shores of Lake Geneva, fascinates with its international organizations, lush parks, iconic Jet d'Eau and cultural wealth. Discover elegance in the heart of Geneva!

Image de la ville d'Annemasse

The city of Annemasse

Annemasse, the gateway between France and Switzerland, will seduce you with its friendly atmosphere, lively markets, verdant parks and proximity to the Alps. Explore the diversity of Annemasse!

Image de la ville de Passy

The city of Passy

Passy, the Alpine pearl, charms with its breathtaking views of Mont Blanc, its picturesque hiking trails, its mountain authenticity and its tranquility. Discover the natural charm of Passy, an Alpine haven!