Are you a student looking to cut your tolls?

Depending on where you live and where you study. Fulli makes it easy for you to get around and considerably reduces your freeway expenses.

What are the conditions for taking advantage of Télépéage offers for students?


Students under 26 years of age

To benefit from a student offer, you must be under 26 years of age and present your school certificate for the current year.


Driving on the APRR or AREA networks

Fulli is a brand of the APRR or AREA networks. Discounts apply on these networks (see maps at the bottom of the page).


Subscribe in store

To obtain your Télépéage, you can go to the store with all the supporting documents listed below. For more information on our offers, please contact our advisers on 03 80 77 01 01.


What supporting documents do I need to apply as a student?

  1. RIB/IBAN in student's name

    The bank account from which the bill is drawn must be in the student's name.

  2. School certificate

    Only a certificate of school attendance or an attestation of school attendance for the current year is accepted (other documents not accepted).

  3. Photocopy of driver's license

    A photocopy of the driver's license is required.

  4. Proof of address

    Proof of address or an accommodation certificate signed by the homeowner must be provided.


Please contact our customer service

In order to send you a contract and inform you about the conditions of our student offers. Send us an e-mail using the contact form or call us on 0 806 004 004. 

To take advantage of Fulli offers, make sure your route is on one of the two maps below:

Réseau APRR :



Réseau AREA :