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100% of service areas equipped with electric charging stations, low-carbon freeway travel.

Looking for a seaside getaway? Or a week's hiking in the mountains? Or just want to get home safely? With 100% of our service areas equipped with fast and ultra-fast electric recharging points, you can hit the road electrically with a smile. Short journey or long distance, you're sure to find a recharging point every 30 km or so. Over 770 electric charging points are available on the 2,320 km APRR and AREA networks.

With Fulli services you recharge more than just a battery

It's departure day, heading south, 380 kilometers of freeway and more than 75 on the national highway network, separate you from your holiday destination. Your piece of paradise is at the end of the road. The first tollgate opens, and you enter our network with a free mind. The landscape unfolds, the geography changes as you head south. You've now been driving for 2 hours. A little tingling in the back of your neck, it's time to take a break and recharge the battery with a cup of coffee before hitting the road again.

The Fulli app guides you to the area of your choice and shows you the number of electric car charging stations available. No need to wait for a charging point to become available. You can also locate one of the 69,000 electric charging points available on the national road network from your smartphone. A good thing, when you've left the freeway and are looking for a recharging solution. Scheduled stop in 15 km at the service area. You're sure to find :

  • 4 to 20 ultra-high-power charging points (150 to 350 kW) per station

  • 773 fast and ultra-fast charging stations throughout the network

  • All types of electric vehicles are accepted

  • All types of payment methods and connectors are available

  • 24-hour multilingual hotline

Your break is over. You're back on the road, having paid for your fast recharge with the Fulli recharge card; the access and payment card connected to the largest electric recharge network with 60,000 charging stations in France and also usable in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Ireland). Radiant, you're on the road in your electric car, you know there's always an electric charging station on the way.

Mile after mile, in the comfort and silence of your electric car, you make your way with a smile on your face. The landscape gets brighter and brighter. You're only a few kilometers from freedom, with plenty of range to spare.

You're slowing down because the traffic has intensified as you approach the tollbooth. No need to worry. You'll enjoy non-stop passage at 30 km/h on the dedicated "t" and "t30" lanes, because you've coupled your Fulli electric charging station access and payment card with your Télépéage badge thanks to the Duo Plus offer. You'll arrive at your destination stress-free.

Payment is automatic thanks to your badge. And you can manage your Télépéage account and electricity consumption directly, and keep track of your bills with your Fulli app.

Fulli makes the road even more beautiful for your travel desires.

The energy to go even further electrically

Since January 2023, 100% of our APRR and AREA service areas have been equipped with electric charging stations to encourage electromobility, even over long distances. Nine charging infrastructure operators have joined us in our commitment to a low-carbon freeway. They offer tariffs ranging from 0.59 to 0.79 euros/kWh: AVIA, BP, Certas Energy Esso, Engie, e-Vadea Spie, Fastned, Ionity, Tesla and Total Energies.

And what about tomorrow? "Being the first to offer 100% of our service areas equipped with electric recharging stations means we have to do even more to enable you to plan long-distance electric journeys with peace of mind," explains Guillaume Hérent, Managing Director of APRR and AREA.  

More and more people are driving electric cars or rechargeable hybrids, which offer a number of advantages: the cost of recharging is much lower than that of fuel, the vehicle is quiet, driving is pleasant and it's environmentally friendly. But motorists are still afraid of being limited in their travels, even though the new electric vehicle models can now cover longer distances.  

To remove this obstacle and encourage electric mobility, even over long distances, the APRR and AREA motorway network will continue to deploy charging points for electric vehicles, and to further increase services in terms of speed, comfort and availability to help reduce the carbon footprint of transport.


Our customers can now recharge their electric vehicles at any of our service areas!

Guillaume Hérent, CEO of APRR and AREA
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To take advantage of the charging stations on the APRR-AREA network, choose your electric recharging card.