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The Fulli app has been enriched with 5 tips to make the most of your trip

Holidays at last. The aim is to let go, enjoy the fresh air and have a good time with friends or family! In France and Europe, the car remains by far the most popular means of transport, with its promise of freedom. But you can't improvise a long car journey. To make your journey a pleasant road trip, the Fulli App, with its new functions, is the essential travel accessory. Recharging points, service areas, calculating the time and budget for your journey... find all the information you need for a successful trip. Download it free of charge onto your Android or iOS smartphone.

Plan your itinerary in advance

Whether you're travelling by electric or internal combustion vehicle, with family or friends, on or off the motorway, it's essential to prepare your journey properly. Anticipate the cost and time of your journey, find out where the recharging stations are if you're driving electric, find service areas on the motorway or locate car parks if you're making a stopover - that's what the Fulli mobile application offers you, a real route planner with ever more features.

Because you need to keep your travel budget under control, the Fulli App allows you to anticipate your expenses. By customising the type of vehicle, engine and type of energy, the Fulli App shows you the cost of your journey (energy consumption and toll costs).

The Fulli App gives you the fuel prices for each motorway service area. And if you drive electric, it will guide you to the 250,000 charging points available in Europe, including 85,000 in France. You can manage your account, locate charging points and plan your itinerary, remembering your favourite charging points - on and off the motorway - with all the information you need about power, availability, charger types and prices in real time.

By creating your itinerary in advance, you can also make the most of your trip by identifying in advance the cultural and natural treasures along your route for a bucolic break.

With the Fulli App, there's no need to open an account - all the information you need for your journey is on your smartphone, whether you're driving on the motorway or not. Download it free of charge from the Android and iOS stores.

Don't forget the electronic toll tag and the electric recharging card

Did you know that there are over 12,000 km of motorway in France? No wonder it remains the French favourite for long journeys.

Before you set off, remember to get an electronic toll tag. Simple and practical, you pass through the toll on lanes reserved for Télépéage subscribers. No more waiting at the toll plaza. For regular or occasional journeys, there's bound to be a deal for you. You can even pay for your journeys with your holiday vouchers by crediting them to your badge with Fulli Liber-t Vacances.

And of course you can manage your Télépéage subscription directly from the Fulli App: invoice, order a badge holder, report a loss, etc.

If you travel by electric vehicle, you can combine your electronic toll tag with the Fulli electric recharging card, which gives you access to France's leading network of electric recharging points. The Fulli App will enable you to locate the electric charging points on your route and view their availability in real time, both on and off the motorway.


Check your vehicle before you leave

Have your car serviced before you leave - it would be a shame to break down on the road. Check your oil and water levels, your lights, spark plugs and air conditioning... Inflate your tyres to the pressure recommended by your car manufacturer. Under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption by up to 5%. Not to mention the risk of burst tyres and poor roadholding.

Attach your electronic toll tag correctly to your windscreen. It should be positioned next to your rear-view mirror, in the dotted area next to the central rear-view mirror, so that it is correctly detected at the toll barrier.

Fill up with petrol before you leave. You can choose a station that offers lower prices than on the motorway, or in departments where there are fewer stations.

If you drive electric, recharge your vehicle overnight before you leave. And don't forget to carry an electric charging card in your wallet, as you'll need to keep an eye on the level of your battery and recharge it on the road. In a single card, the Fulli Electric Charging Card gives you access to the largest network in Europe, with 280,000 electric charging points available. If you use the APRR and AREA networks, you'll have no trouble recharging your electric vehicle, as 100% of service areas have recharging stations.

Adopt eco-driving

You're ready to go. Whether you drive an internal combustion engine or an electric car, eco-driving will save you a lot of money. What's more, you'll be limiting your greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the risk of accidents.

  • Reduce your speed: 10 km/h less will save 3 to 5 litres of fuel. And for electric cars, switch to "eco" mode. If you drive slower, you won't lose much time, but you'll go further.
  • Avoid rapid acceleration and deceleration. Drive at a constant speed.
  • Limit the use of air conditioning.
  • Take a break every 2 hours. There are plenty of rest areas along the way.


Luggage, yes, but not too much

One last piece of advice before you set off: remember to spread your luggage out evenly and don't overload your car. An overloaded car means longer braking distances and loss of grip, as well as higher fuel consumption and more frequent electrical recharges.

No stress on the road on holiday. Rediscover the pleasure of travelling and let the Fulli App be your guide.

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Download the application and manage your electronic toll tag, your recharge card and discover all the points of interest accessible thanks to Fulli.