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Fulli stations: truck drivers, one of our priorities.

After a year punctuated by refurbishment work on the FULLI parking areas and roadways to make them more welcoming, we have been working on solutions to offer you diesel fuel at the best possible price.

Our Fulli service stations are renewing themselves.

As you may have already noticed, the parking lots and roadways at the Fulli parking areas in Dracé, Ecot, St-Ambreuil, Jonchets La Grande-paroisse and Jonchets Les Récompenses have been given a facelift thanks to a complete overhaul of the pavements to offer you greater comfort.

You can now enjoy clean parking areas and pathways, as well as floor markings to facilitate guidance and parking operations day and night.

On the freeway, Fulli is the assurance of the fairest price.

But the most important thing for you is, without a doubt, the major effort we have made over the last 6 months to be able to offer you diesel fuel at very competitive prices.

We now operate 7 stations on the APRR and ALIAE (A79) network, and have been able to work with our fuel suppliers to obtain the best prices. This was only possible thanks to the efforts of all the players in the chain: hauliers, fuel suppliers and operators.

Today, we are proud of the work accomplished and the results achieved. We can already see the first effects of our actions on the number of truck drivers using our stations, and the volume of diesel distributed to heavy goods vehicles.

The Fulli app to compare prices on your route.

If you're driving on the APRR network, take the time to study the fuel prices on the Fulli app, on the illuminated signs along your route and on the price signs located at the edge of the freeway 800m before each station.

Don't hesitate to visit us to take advantage of our daily updated prices.

And don't forget that 5 of our Fulli stations on the A6, A31, A36 and A79 also offer ADBLUE in bulk at the pump at competitive prices.


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