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For your everyday journeys, your holidays or your weekends, there's bound to be an electronic toll tag offer to suit your needs.

All the benefits of hassle-free travel


A genuine time saver, more fluid at toll gates.

Waiting at the toll gate is a thing of the past thanks to reserved lanes at up to 30 km/h.


Discounts on your toll expenses

With your Fulli electronic toll subscription, benefit from reductions on your toll expenses for regular trips.


Smooth traffic on Europe's motorways

Travel freely on all highways in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.


An app that accompanies wherever you go

Manage your electronic toll and electric charging accounts, locate service areas and electric charging stations available on your journey.


Why choose

Fulli Electronic Toll Collection?

Fulli Electronic Toll Collection offers low prices and numerous advantages such as vouchers, discounts and promotional codes throughout the year. 

Fulli Electronic Toll Collection is one of the most affordable options for motorway users. With Fulli, motorists can pass through tolls quickly and easily, without having to stop to pay by cash or credit card.

Fulli's competitive offers allow you to make substantial savings, while attractive promotions allow you to take advantage of additional discounts. In short, Fulli offers a practical and economical solution, with low prices and numerous promotional offers, to make electronic toll collection affordable and easy to use.


Professional Toll Badge

Save time on a daily basis, our offers are adapted to your needs.


Formulas adapted to your trips


Dedicated pricing and management tools


A non-binding offer

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Frequently asked questions

How do I subscribe to an electronic toll collection service?

Discover all Fulli formulas and choose the one that interests you by clicking here or by visiting one of our boutiques.

For more information, call 0 806 004 004 (no surcharge).

What electronic toll collection offer do I need if I'm a private individual who occasionally uses the freeway?

Our offers adapt to your way of traveling. For occasional freeway journeys, opt for the Fulli Nomade Télépéage badge, which allows you to travel on all French freeways, as well as in Spain, Portugal and Italy, if you wish. It also lets you pay in over 1,000 identified parking lots.
What's more, you only pay for the months in which you drive, depending on the country you visit. So when you're not on the freeway, you pay nothing!

Of course, you also benefit from all the advantages of Télépéage: reserved lanes to avoid waiting at the tollbooth, easy passage without having to show a ticket or change, a detailed invoice available at any time, and an online customer area for easy management of your account...

To find out more about this offer, click here, visit one of our stores or call us on 0 806 004 004 (no surcharge).

Can I get a discount on the cost of my journeys thanks to my electronic toll collection offer?

That's right, Fulli offers you Télépéage deals with discounts based on your "preferred" usual journeys (local, regular or short journeys on the APRR or AREA network). Find out more about our discount offers by clicking here.