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Discover Fulli's new playlists on Spotify and Deezer for a musical and happy commute

At Fulli, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to make your travels more enjoyable and guide you along the way.

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A playlist for every musical style: something to suit every taste

Because each person is unique, we've thought of all musical styles so that everyone can find their ideal playlist. Here's an overview of the different Fulli playlists you can discover:

Nek'Fulli: For hip-hop and rap fans, this dynamic playlist is designed to give you energy throughout your journey. Vibrate to the rhythm of the catchy beats and let yourself be carried away by the punchy flows of the hottest artists.

Fulli'Thoven: Music lovers and classical music enthusiasts will love this playlist featuring masterpieces by the great composers. Immerse yourself in a timeless atmosphere and let yourself be carried away by the majesty of the notes.

Fulli'n the kitchen: Fancy some songs in English to accompany your travels? Then this is the playlist for you! A variety of lively tracks to make your journeys as enjoyable as your culinary escapades.

Customer advisor playlist: Our customer advisors have also created their own playlist. You'll find an eclectic selection of songs carefully chosen to give you a unique musical experience.

Music, the perfect travel companion!

Music is a wonderful travelling companion that can turn any journey into a pleasant, convivial experience. Whether you're travelling alone or with the family, music makes the time go by faster, reduces stress and lets you enjoy every kilometre.

With Fulli playlists, we want to offer you much more than just an electronic toll tag or an electric charging card. We want to create a complete and positive experience for all our customers.

How do I access Fulli playlists on Spotify and Deezer?

It's so easy! Just search for "Fulli" in the Spotify or Deezer search bar, and you'll have access to all our playlists. You can follow them to keep up to date with new updates and regular track additions.

Don't forget to share your musical moments using the hashtag #FulliPlaylists on social networks. We'd love to hear about your musical discoveries and favourites!

Harmonise your travels with Fulli playlists for unforgettable journeys

Journeys between different towns and countries are often the stuff of great adventures, unexpected discoveries and special moments with loved ones.

Take the journey from Dijon to Grenoble, for example. Passing through the majestic mountains and picturesque landscapes of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, this route offers a unique visual experience. With Fulli playlists, you can accompany this adventure with music and create an atmosphere in harmony with the surrounding nature. Whether you're with family, friends or on your own, the music will transport you and make your journey more enjoyable.

The Paris-Marseille journey is one of the most popular in France, and with good reason! The journey takes you from the vineyards of Burgundy to the sunny plains of Provence. Music has the power to make this journey even more exhilarating. Let yourself be carried away by the lively rhythms or gentle melodies that will let you escape for a moment.

The Nice-Rome route is a charming cross-border journey. Passing through the Côte d'Azur, then crossing the Italian Alps, this route offers breathtaking panoramas. Music can become the common thread running through this escapade, a way of linking cultures and immersing yourself in the warm atmosphere of southern Europe.