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The A11 freeway, from Paris to Nantes


The A11 freeway, nicknamed l'Océane

The A11 freeway, nicknamed "l'océane", is a real invitation to adventure in the heart of France, linking Paris to Nantes, and is one of France's main arteries. It provides a fast, efficient link between the capital and the beautiful Loire-Atlantique region. The freeway is renowned for its excellent condition and smooth flow of traffic. Travelers can enjoy a comfortable journey while taking in the varied scenery, from the rolling fields of Beauce to the verdant forests of Anjou.

The A11 is also dotted with petrol stations, restaurants and practical services to ensure a pleasant journey. It's an essential route for discovering the diversity of France.

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The historic heart of France: Eure-et-Loir

When you start your journey on the A11 freeway on the outskirts of Paris, you're soon in the Eure-et-Loir département. This region is the historic heart of France, marked by centuries of cultural and architectural heritage.

One of the major attractions here is the city of Chartres, famous for its majestic cathedral. Dominating the skyline, this Gothic edifice is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the finest examples of medieval religious architecture in Europe. Visitors can explore its colorful stained glass windows, detailed carvings and feel the mystical aura that permeates every stone.

Eure-et-Loir, as the first stop on this journey along the A11, lays the foundations for an exploration through France's historical and cultural treasures, offering travellers a taste of the richness that awaits them along this iconic freeway.


Arrival in the Nantes region : Loire-Atlantique

The A11 freeway ends its journey in Nantes, the largest city in the Loire-Atlantique region, and a must-see destination. Nantes is a modern metropolis on the banks of the Loire, offering a captivating fusion of tradition and contemporaneity.

Loire-Atlantique is also renowned for its cuisine. Travelers can enjoy fresh seafood, buckwheat pancakes and, of course, the delicious crêpes bretonnes. The Talensac market is a must for sampling local produce, from oysters to cheeses and pastries.

In addition to the city itself, Loire-Atlantique offers natural treasures such as the Guérande salt marshes, the beaches of the Atlantic coast, and the Loire estuary, a unique ecosystem.

Arrival in Loire-Atlantique marks the end of this journey along the A11 freeway, and Nantes, with its cultural diversity, dynamic art scene and culinary delights, is the icing on the cake of this journey through the varied territories that line France's iconic freeway.

Towns to visit around the A11

Image de la ville d'Angers

The city of Angers

The enchanting medieval town of Angers boasts a fortified castle, majestic gardens and a rich heritage. Savor the charm of the Loire and explore an authentic corner of France.

Image de la ville du Mans

The city of Le Mans

The historic city of Le Mans is one of the pearls of the Sarthe region. Its famous 24-hour race circuit, picturesque old town and captivating museums promise an unforgettable getaway for all travelers.


The city of Nantes

Nantes, the pearl of western France, combines modernity and tradition. Its castles, its Machines de l'île, its banks of the Loire and its gastronomy make it an unmissable destination, combining culture and pleasure.