The A29 motorway, through Normandy and Hauts-de-France


The A29, from Beuzeville to Francilly-Selency

The A29 motorway is a motorway linking Beuzeville, near Deauville to the A26 motorway at Francilly-Selency. It serves successively my cities of Le Havre and Amiens. This motorway is composed of 3 sections: Beuzeville - Saint-Saëns, Saint-Germain-sur-Eaulne - Amiens Ouest, and Amiens Sud - Saint-Quentin.

Travelers are invited to explore the Norman countryside dotted with charming villages and soak up the rich heritage of the region. The refinements of Deauville and the tranquility of the countryside merge along this route, offering a memorable tourist experience between the Normandy coast and the rural landscapes of northern France.

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The Charms of Beuzeville, near Deauville

Start your journey along the A29 with a stopover in Beuzeville, a city near Deauville that embodies Norman elegance. Stroll through its cobbled streets lined with chic boutiques, where the aroma of local pastries floats in the air. Admire the picturesque architecture and soak up the authentic charm of this city, a true jewel of Normandy. Beuzeville’s refinements set the tone for an adventure that promises to unveil a palette of pleasures along the A29.

Push the door of local bakeries to taste regional specialties, such as the delicious macaroons of Normandy. Every corner of Beuzeville reveals a unique atmosphere, where history and modernity coexist harmoniously, offering a total immersion in Norman life.


The Authentic Villages and the Normandy Countryside

Add a few kilometers to your journey, the A29 then takes you through a series of authentic villages, frozen in time and rich in traditions. Explore hidden treasures like Berville-sur-Mer and Blangy-le-Château, where flowery cottages and bustling squares evoke provincial tranquility. Continue your journey to discover the Normandy countryside, where rolling landscapes and picturesque farms offer a tranquil escape from the urban bustle.

Every turn of the A29 reveals the timeless magic of Normandy, an immersive experience where nature and culture blend harmoniously. Take a break at a local café for Norman coffee accompanied by a slice of freshly made apple pie, creating an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of the countryside.

Cities to visit around the A29

Image de la ville du Havres

The city of Le Havre

Discover Le Havre, Normandy’s maritime jewel, with its modern UNESCO-listed architecture, extensive beaches and captivating museums. A cultural and seaside stop.

Image de la ville d'Amiens

The city of Amiens

Explore Amiens, the medieval city of Picardy, with its majestic Gothic cathedral, picturesque canals and authentic charm. Between architectural heritage and friendly atmosphere, an unforgettable destination awaits you.

image de la ville de deauville

The city of Deauville

Come to Deauville, pearl of the Côte Fleurie, for its golden beaches, its seaside elegance, its renowned horse racing and its emblematic casino. A refined blend of luxury and leisure.