The A35, the stork highway


The A35 freeway, discovering Eastern France.

The A35 freeway, also known as the "Autoroute des cigognes" or the "Alsacienne", crosses Alsace from south to north. This road artery through eastern France offers travelers a picturesque experience between Strasbourg and Mulhouse. It starts at Saint-Louis, at the French-Swiss border crossing, an extension of the Swiss A3 freeway. It then passes through the towns of Mulhouse, Colmar, Sélestat, Obernai and Strasbourg, before finally reaching Lauterbourg.

The A35 freeway, also known as the stork freeway or l'Alsacienne, is 170 km long, linking Germany to Switzerland via eastern France.

The A35 is an essential route, testifying to the dynamism and diversity of Alsace.

Fulli offers on the A35 freeway

Discoveries along the A35.


Les Premières Vignes: On the A35 Emerald Wine Route

On the A35 freeway, where every kilometer reveals a picturesque picture of the cultural and natural diversity that characterizes these exceptional territories. "Les Vignobles d'Émeraude" opens the ball, with rolling hills covered in vines, creating an idyllic backdrop for wine lovers. Renowned wineries offer exquisite tastings, inviting visitors to savor the very essence of this fertile land.

Continuing your journey, you'll discover "Les Secrets des Châteaux", where history and architecture meet. From medieval castles to stately homes, each building tells a fascinating saga. Explore courtyards, gardens and towers for a journey through time, immersed in the grandeur of history.


Authentic Gastronomy and River Serenity: A Magical Stopover Along the A35

"Les Festins du Terroir" awaits you next, a gourmet region where bustling markets and picturesque restaurants reveal the delights of local cuisine. From regional specialties to local produce, every bite is an invitation to savor the region's culinary authenticity. Finally, "Les Rivières d'Harmonie" offers a serene break. Winding waterways and bucolic landscapes create the ideal setting for relaxation. Take a stroll along the riverside footpaths, explore the riverside villages, or treat yourself to a peaceful cruise to experience the tranquility of these unspoilt surroundings.

The A35 freeway is a sensory adventure, where magnificent landscapes, rich history and exquisite cuisine combine to create an unforgettable tourist experience. Embark on this enchanting journey and discover the magic of the territories along this mythical route.

Les villes à voir autour de l'A35

Image de la ville de mulhouse

The city of Mulhouse

Mulhouse is a vibrant city of history and innovation. Explore its captivating museums, stroll through the charming city center, sample the local culinary delights, and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of this dynamic Alsatian destination.

Image de la ville de Colmar

The city of Colmar

Discover the enchantment of Colmar, a picturesque Alsatian town. Wander its cobbled streets, admire half-timbered houses, sample local delicacies, and soak up the medieval history of this Alsatian gem.

Image de la ville de strasbourg

The city of Strasbourg

Explore Strasbourg, the pearl of Alsace. Admire the majestic cathedral, stroll through the Petite France district with its picturesque canals, sample delicious cuisine and experience the magic of Christmas all year round.