The A50 motorway, from Marseille to Toulon


The East Motorway of Marseille

The A50 motorway, located in France, is an essential link between Marseille and Toulon, offering a strategic link between two major Mediterranean cities. Stretching for about 72 kilometers, it crosses varied landscapes, offering travelers picturesque views between sea and mountains. This highway plays a key role in the regional road network, facilitating travel and stimulating the local economy by connecting urban and peri-urban areas. In addition to its logistical importance, the A50 offers a smooth driving experience thanks to its good condition and modern facilities, ensuring the safety and comfort of users.

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Discover the territories around the A50


Wonders in the Côte Bleue

The journey along the A50 motorway promises an enchanting immersion in the diversity of territories that border this road artery. From the first kilometers when leaving Marseille, motorists are welcomed by the splendor of the Côte Bleue. The unspoiled coves such as Niolon and Méjean invite maritime escapades, while the hills of Carry-le-Rouet offer breathtaking panoramas. History lovers can stop at Martigues, the "Venice of Provence", with its picturesque canals and lively markets. Continuing eastwards, the motorway reveals the authentic charms of green Provence, where the city of Aubagne, the birthplace of Marcel Pagnol, seduces with its Provençal atmosphere and its creative craftsmen. By exploring these lands, each kilometer reveals a new facet of the cultural and natural riches that make the region a Mediterranean jewel.


Explore Provence along the A50

The crossing of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region by the A50 also offers a fascinating passage through emblematic sites such as La Ciotat, cradle of cinema, where moviegoers can stroll on the Old Port and visit the Musée Lumière. Further afield, the renowned vineyards of Bandol are unveiled, inviting travelers to taste the local wines in an enchanting setting. Toulon, military port and city of history, offers a captivating stopover with its old district of Mourillon and the majestic harbor.

Finally, the A50 ends at the edge of the city of Toulon, a naval anchor, which fascinates with its maritime heritage, Provencal markets and picturesque alleys. Each stop along this route reveals a unique part of Provence, offering travelers an immersive and memorable experience.

Cities to see around the A50

Image de la ville de Marseille

The city of Marseille

Visit Marseille for its Mediterranean charm, lively Old Port, colorful markets and rich historical heritage. Discover a lively city where culture, gastronomy and sunshine meet.

Image de la ville de la Ciotat

The city of La Ciotat


Visit La Ciotat for its rich cinematic heritage, unspoiled creeks, and charming Old Port. Discover a Mediterranean destination combining history, nature and Provençal authenticity.

Image de la ville de Toulon

The city of Toulon

Explore Toulon for its picturesque harbour, golden beaches, and captivating maritime history. Discover a dynamic Provencal city, between lively markets and enchanting cultural sites.