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Fulli reveals its 5 solutions for saving battery power in your electric vehicle.

The electric vehicle battery, also known as the electric core, is a central component of an electric vehicle. The motor and all the vehicle's auxiliary systems are powered by the battery, and it plays an essential role in the driving experience. The car's range is influenced by its ability to store energy, which is essential for the adoption of electric vehicles by consumers. Optimizing the use of the battery is becoming essential to take advantage of the many benefits of electric cars, and to dispel motorists' reluctance linked to range. The aim of this article is to help you discover the best practices to adopt in order to make the most of your electric vehicle's battery.


Focus on maintaining a sufficient load

When you own an electric car, it's important to avoid letting the battery discharge completely. Lithium-ion batteries, frequently used in electric vehicles, have an optimum life when maintained at a reasonable charge. Leaving the battery to discharge completely can lead to premature degradation of its performance and energy storage capacity. In fact, intense charging and discharging cycles can cause damage to the battery's cells, leading to a long-term reduction in its longevity and efficiency. We recommend recharging the battery before it reaches a low charge level, ideally between 20% and 80%. By adopting this practice, you'll be helping to extend the life of your battery and maintain the optimum range of your electric vehicle.


Managing refill practices

Avoiding battery overcharging is an important aspect of electric car maintenance. Leaving the car connected to a charging station once the battery is full can lead to overcharging, and in the long term damage the battery. Some batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries, although powerful, can be sensitive to prolonged exposure to high charge levels. Regular overcharging can lead to a drop in battery capacity and a reduction in its overall lifespan. To avoid this, we recommend removing the charging cable as soon as the battery is full, rather than leaving the car plugged in for an indefinite period. The choice of recharging points is also important. Choosing reliable, well-maintained charging points can help reduce the danger of overcharging, and guarantee safe, efficient battery recharging. Quickly locate the charging points on your route, thanks to the Fulli charging point map accessible with the Fulli electric charging card. This way you'll preserve the health of your battery and prolong its life, while maintaining optimum performance over the long term.


Use the eco driving mode

Eco mode is an invaluable tool for conserving your electric car's battery and maximizing its range. This feature, found on most electric vehicle models, is designed to reduce the electric vehicle's energy consumption and increase its range.

An electric vehicle's eco mode offers a multitude of advantages, both for the driver and for the environment. Using eco mode can increase battery range by 10% to 20%. What's more, this driving mode will enable you to reduce your energy consumption, as less energy will be used to propel the vehicle and power auxiliary systems. This improved management of your electric vehicle's battery also helps protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. The ecological mode of an electric vehicle is an environmentally-friendly alternative and an economic gain that encourages energy efficiency.


Adopt the energy regeneration system

The use of energy regeneration in electric vehicles represents a major innovation in energy efficiency. This system recovers some of the kinetic energy lost during braking and deceleration, transforming what would otherwise have been a loss into a source of recharge for the battery. In effect, when the driver releases the gas pedal or presses the brake pedal, the electric motor performs an action similar to that of a generator, transforming kinetic energy into electricity.

This energy is then stored in the battery, extending the vehicle's range. A major advantage of energy regeneration is that it maximizes the energy efficiency of the electric vehicle, reducing dependence on external recharging and optimizing the use of energy already present in the system. What's more, this technology also helps extend the life of the vehicle's mechanical components by reducing brake wear. The adoption of energy regeneration represents a major step towards more sustainable, high-performance mobility, by fully exploiting the potential of kinetic energy to power electric vehicles while reducing their impact on the environment.


Think about planning your journeys

Planning your route in advance is crucial to optimizing the range of your electric vehicle. By planning your journeys in advance, you can avoid detours and long journeys, and minimize energy consumption. Anticipate the cost and time of your journey, easily find recharging points for your electric vehicle, service areas on the freeway or locate parking lots. Consider using the Fulli app, downloadable on Android and iOS, which allows you to take into account the charging stations available on your route.

This proactive approach to journey planning not only helps maximize your electric vehicle's range, but also gives you peace of mind in knowing that you've planned for charging solutions along your route. So you can make the most of your electric driving experience while minimizing the hassle of recharging your battery.


By adopting these battery-saving practices for your electric vehicle, you'll help maximize its range, extend its life and guarantee optimum long-term performance. By following these tips, such as maintaining a reasonable charge, planning journeys wisely, using energy regeneration and avoiding battery overcharging, you can not only reduce maintenance costs, but also contribute to environmental sustainability by prolonging the life of their battery. With careful attention to these best practices, you can also take full advantage of the economic and ecological benefits offered by electric driving, while ensuring a pleasant, hassle-free driving experience. By integrating these principles into our driving habits, we'll be one step closer to a more sustainable, energy-efficient future.



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