Dynamic carpooling, the mobility revolution

Among the new emerging solutions, and in a world where environmental concerns are at the heart of discussions, dynamic carpooling stands out as an ingenious response to contemporary travel challenges. Dynamic carpooling is a new approach to car sharing that offers a more flexible and practical alternative to public transport and the private car. Dynamic carpooling embodies a quiet but powerful revolution in the way we think about and practice tomorrow's mobility.


What is dynamic carpooling?

Unlike traditional carpooling, where journeys are planned in advance, dynamic carpooling enables users to find travel partners spontaneously, often at the last minute, thanks to mobile applications or online platforms. Dynamic carpooling lets you connect in real time with drivers or passengers who have similar travel needs to you. Dynamic carpooling is an evolution of traditional carpooling that integrates technologies to facilitate the matching of drivers and passengers in real time. Dynamic carpooling is revolutionizing the way people get around town, offering a flexible, economical and environmentally-friendly solution for optimizing vehicle use and reducing time spent on the road.


How does dynamic carpooling work?

Innovative dynamic car-sharing services, such as those offered by Ecov, are a modern, intelligent response to the growing challenges of urban mobility. This new platform embodies the evolution of traditional car-sharing, taking full advantage of the new possibilities offered by technology to create a dynamic and adaptable transport network.

The essence of dynamic carpooling lies in its ability to adjust in real time to users' changing needs. With Ecov, if you're a driver, you can now share your journey with potential passengers in just a few clicks, while enabling passengers to quickly find reliable and economical transport, often at the last minute. This flexibility offers an attractive alternative to traditional modes of transport, which are often very rigid and scheduled in advance.

Carpooling with Ecov is as easy as taking the bus!

  • Go to the nearest stop.
  • Select your destination via the mobile app or the multi-destination sign.
  • Drivers are alerted by illuminated signs or a notification on their phone.
  • A driver meets you and picks you up.

Ecov is therefore a major player in dynamic daily carpooling in France, with 55 carpooling routes to its credit.

In addition to its user-friendliness and practicality, Ecov also helps to promote more sustainable and ecological modes of travel. By encouraging vehicle sharing, dynamic carpooling reduces journey times and pollution.


Dynamic carpooling, a win-win service

Dynamic carpooling offers a number of advantages, making it an attractive transport option for drivers and passengers alike.

Firstly, it offers financial savings. Drivers participating in the scheme receive €2 per passenger transported. Passengers also benefit, with monthly savings of up to €140. Dynamic carpooling also enables you to benefit from far more affordable fares than other individual transport alternatives, which is a significant financial advantage.

Dynamic carpooling also stands out for its flexibility and convenience. Compared to fixed public transport timetables, this method of travel enables users to find or offer journeys at any time and in any place. This flexibility is beneficial for people with variable work schedules or spontaneous travel needs, enabling them to find a suitable solution.

By encouraging the sharing of journeys and optimizing the use of existing vehicles, this practice helps to ease traffic congestion, especially at peak times. So fewer cars on the road means faster, more efficient journeys for all.


M covoit'Lignes+ plus Grenoble

M covoit' Lignes+ is the first reservation-free carpooling service in the Grenoble, Grésivaudan and Voironnais areas. The mobile application makes dynamic carpooling easy.

The Government is planning a "bonus" of up to €100 for drivers who transport passengers in "short-distance" carpooling (journeys of less than 80 km) in 2024.

Whether you're a new driver or already accustomed to daily carpooling, you can benefit from a €150 bonus on M covoit' Lignes+ lines! Find out more at .


Lane, the new carpooling solution for the Lyon area

Grand Lyon and the Communauté d'Agglomération Porte d'Isère have also called on Ecov to create and operate the first unreserved high-level service (CoHNS) car-sharing lines between Bourgoin-Jallieu and Lyon, on the A43 freeway.

The aim of La Métropole du Grand Lyon and the Communauté d'Agglomération Porte d'Isère is to offer an alternative and innovative mobility solution for employees in business parks who make regular trips to the outskirts of Lyon, in order to ease traffic congestion on the A43 freeway during rush hour.

Lane is a new, useful and reliable service that allows you to carpool to and from Lyon in the morning and to Bourgoin-Jallieu at the end of the day, without the need for a reservation.

- From Bourgoin-Jallieu to Lyon (Mermoz), Saint-Priest or Lyon Saint Exupéry airport,

- From Villefontaine to Saint-Priest or Lyon, with people going in the same direction as you,

For new drivers as well as those already familiar with the dynamic carpooling service, take advantage of a €150 bonus on Lane routes.


Dynamic carpooling offers a promising solution to today's urban mobility challenges. By combining technological advances with a collaborative approach, dynamic carpooling offers a flexible, economical and ecological alternative to traditional modes of transport.

By enabling users to share their journeys in real time and maximize the use of vehicles on the road, this practice helps to reduce traffic on the roads and travel costs for individuals. Dynamic carpooling strengthens social ties by facilitating interaction between drivers and passengers.

Dynamic carpooling seems to embody a vision of the future for more sustainable, collaborative and inclusive urban travel.



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