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Use your E-toll badge wisely for your parking

Essential when traveling by car, the E-toll badge has become one of your essential elements for your travels. But do you know that this white box is also very easy to use when it comes to paying for parking in many car parks in France and Europe. Fulli offers you everything you need to know about the E-toll badge and its advantages in car parks.

Using your E-toll badge in car parks, how does it work?

More and more car parks have adopted the electronic toll badge system to simplify parking.

To know how to use your Fulli toll badge in many car parks, simply follow the steps below:

1. The entrance to the car park: As for your passages on motorways, make sure that the car park recognizes the badge, for this refer to the "t" logo that you are used to see on all motorways. In this case, your badge will be automatically detected by the reader at the entrance. Continue by taking a ticket at the entrance gate and keep it with you.

2. At the exit of the car park: At the exit of the car park, go to a lane marked with a "t" logo and insert your ticket. When you pass the reader at the exit, your badge will be detected again. The system will automatically calculate your parking fees, depending on the duration of your parking. If you prefer not to use your electronic toll badge for payment, place it in its protective pouch so that it is not detected. Then, use another payment method at the exit terminal or at the car park till.

3. Your billing: For billing, no surprise, the cost of parking is automatically debited from your e-toll badge account, avoiding the need for cash or card payments with each use. You will then be able to view all your parking expenses in your customer area online or via the Fulli mobile app.

The advantages of using the Toll Free badge in car parks

  • Valid in more than 1,000 car parks in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy*.
    * depending on your subscription
  • Save time, you won’t have to wait in line at the pay stations. You get in and out of the car park quickly.
  • Travel in peace, no need to look for currency or a credit card. Payment is automatic.
  • Enjoy a versatile badge, use the same badge for highway tolls and parking in car parks, simplifying your travels.

How do I recognize a car park that accepts the E-toll badge?

When you enter a car park and you see a "T" logo at the entrance, it means your electronic toll badge will be recognized by the systems to simplify parking. You will enjoy a hassle-free parking experience. By seeing this symbol, you will know that you can use your electronic toll badge to enter and exit the car park with ease, avoiding queues and cash transactions.

Find easily the list of all compatible car parks in France and Europe here!

Fulli offers to combine speed with tolls and convenience at the car park

  • Benefit from the Fulli Nomade offer: use your electronic toll badge to travel in France, Spain and Portugal.

  • Take advantage of the Fulli Nomade + offer: use your electronic toll badge to travel around France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

  • Discover the Duo Plus offer, which combines the E-toll badge with the charging card at no extra cost!

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Quickly identify more than 1,000 car parks accessible throughout Europe thanks to your Electronic Toll badge.