Offre PMR

If you have a disability card, you can get an electronic toll tag for free!

Electronic tolls at no cost!

Offer details

Management fees Monthly France
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0,00 €
Tollbadge Fulli

Details and benefits


A real time saver at the toll

Enjoy the non-stop passage at 30km/h on the dedicated lanes “t” and “t30”. Payment is done automatically with your badge.


Valid in more than 600 identified car parks

Access our car parks in France and pay with your Fulli E-toll badge.


An online customer area, simplified management

Track your consumption and invoices, order a new badge, change your services: manage your entire account.

Tollbadge Fulli

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manage my E-toll badge directly from the Fulli app?

Of course, you can follow your journeys of the current month, consult your invoices, order a new badge holder, change your details... For more information, click here.

How soon will I receive my Fulli badge ?

Your badge will be shipped within 2 business days.

Can I travel abroad with my offer?

No, this offer does not allow you to travel abroad but we invite you to discover the Nomade + offer by clicking here to travel beyond our borders.

On which highways in France can I use my badge?

Your Fulli e-toll badge allows you to travel on all motorways in France, with or without a toll barrier (freeways in free flow).

Comment puis-je bénéficier de l'offre ?

To take advantage of it, go to one of our APRR or AREA customer areas accompanied by your disability card, your identity document and your RIB/ IBAN in your name.