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With Fulli, travel in holiday mode on the motorway

At last you've arrived, it's time to go on holiday! A change of scenery, fresh air, rest and discovery are all on the agenda. Your itinerary is ready, and you've chosen the motorway to get to your holiday destination. But the miles that go by can quickly become tedious. No more boredom with Fulli. Your journey becomes an experience rich in discoveries for young and old alike: villages and regions lining the motorway, gourmet breaks, entertainment at service areas or lush green picnic areas... And to simplify your journey on the motorway, we are never short of solutions: electronic toll badges, electric recharging points and Fulli stations to fill up at the right price.

Take a break every 2 hours

Whether you're stretching your legs, filling up with petrol, recharging your electric car, drinking a coffee, eating or taking a micro-nap, taking a regular break is as essential to everyone's safety as obeying the speed limit. As the kilometres go by, your attention wanes: tingling eyes, yawning, stiff neck and shoulders are the signs that fatigue is setting in. Stop at a motorway service area.

On the APRR-AREA network, Fulli service stations welcome you for a break at light prices:

  • Fill up with petrol at the right price: 8 to 10 centimes cheaper than at other motorway service stations,
  • Recharge your electric car and pay with the Fulli electric recharging card 100% of service areas on the APRR and AREA networks are equipped with fast and ultra-fast charging stations compatible with all electric vehicles.
  • Change your baby in the nursery and warm up his bottle in the microwaves provided. Meanwhile, older children can stretch their legs in the play areas,
  • Fill your water bottle free of charge at the drinking water points. Staying well hydrated is important for fighting fatigue,
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or more in a friendly, green environment,
  • Taste regional products for a gourmet break. The Bourbonnais service area on the A79, for example, offers a new catering concept by Fulli, l'Echoppe de Gustave.

It's the holidays, so take your time. There's entertainment for all ages every summer, including table football, electromobility events, children's games and the giant Puissance 4... make the most of it!

For those who prefer the motorway to the countryside, there are rest areas where you can take a break for a small fee. What could be better than a little siesta in the shade of an oak or a maple tree?  The many rest areas on French motorways are an invitation to relax in a natural setting. Picnic tables await you in a corner of greenery.

The Lac rest area on the A40, for example, offers uninterrupted views of the viaducts and Lac de Sylans; the Lavaret rest area on the A43 overlooks the clear waters of Lac d'Aiguebelette; and the Gîte aux Loups rest area on the A71 is home to many species of birds, including the Melodious Linnet, the American Goldfinch and the Black-capped Warbler. The Jardin des Arbres area on the A77 is a great place to discover trees in all their forms. Every 15 to 20 km on the APRR and AREA networks, you'll find a rest area where you can relax. Choose yours!

The holiday motorway, an open window on the regions

You're all familiar with the famous brown signs that line the motorway. These special road signs invite you to take a cultural or natural break. They indicate the incredible sites, unusual villages, historical and cultural heritage to be discovered along the 2,323 km of the APRR-AREA network:

  • The Cerdon caves and the medieval site at Montcornelles are accessible from the A40 motorway,
  • The medieval town of Semur-en-Auxois near the A6,
  • Drôme sports and nature on the A49 between Grenoble and Valence,
  • The Cistercian Abbey of Cîteaux on the A71,

and many other wonders to discover. Let yourself be tempted at your own pace. After all, you've got time for a diversion - it's the holidays!

A galaxy of services to keep you smiling on the holiday motor

Electric charging card, electronic toll collection badge, Fulli app - a whole galaxy of services to follow you on the road to your holidays in France and Europe.

- The Fulli electronic toll tag saves you time every time you pass through the toll booth and simplifies motorway payments. And you can even credit your holiday vouchers with the Fulli Liber-t-Vacances badge.

- The Fulli Electric Charging Card, with or without a subscription, gives you access to almost 250,000 electric charging points in Europe, including 85,000 in France the largest network in France!

- With the Fulli App you can find your ideal motorway service area and the services on offer, locate the electric charging points on your route, their types, prices and availability in real time. Download it for free.

Fulli is your ultimate musical companion for an unforgettable holiday! Fulli has created tailor-made music selections on Spotify and Deezer for travellers looking for adventure and relaxation. Whether it's a seaside getaway, a hike in the mountains or an urban exploration, Fulli knows just the right songs to accompany every moment of your holiday. Fulli will be your faithful sidekick, adding an unforgettable melodic touch to your summer adventures.

One of the great things about Fulli playlists is their ability to adapt to the length of your journey, whether you're going for a short weekend or a long trip. Fulli has built playlists between two cities, ensuring that each one is carefully calibrated to perfectly match your travels.

Fulli wishes you the best of travels and a happy holiday!



And for an even simpler journey, choose the Fulli electronic toll tag!

Until 31/08, take advantage of a free badge and 12 months' free administration fees