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Regular trips or electric vehicles on the highway. With Fulli, it's going to be an Eco year.

Choosing the freeway means choosing a faster, smoother and safer journey. Whether you're commuting to work, alone or carpooling, or taking a happy break for the vacations, we make the freeway a moment of serenity and simplicity. In 2023, we are also defending the purchasing power of motorists on their daily journeys and of those who have chosen to travel by electric car. Fulli makes it easy to fill up on services and benefits. Eco advantages. Eco as in savings, ecology and ecomobility.

Savings for regular journeys

Freeway or trunk road for your daily commute? You've made your choice. It's the freeway, and you're right: it's faster, safer, and won't be more expensive in 2023 on the APRR and AREA networks thanks to Fulli offers.

The Fulli CITO 30 offer will reduce the cost of your daily journeys by 30% for 10 or more return journeys per month on the APRR and AREA networks. CITO is an electronic toll tag for smoother driving, with no need to stop at the tollbooth, and simplified bill management thanks to the Fulli app

ECOlogy in an electric car

By 2022, electric vehicles accounted for over 13% of new car registrations. With manufacturers' offers and models becoming more and more efficient, this movement continues to grow every year. Fulli accompanies the development of this mode of transport, which has a lot to offer: comfort, silence, simplified maintenance, and the cost of a full tank of energy for an electric vehicle is around four times less than for a combustion-powered car. But when it comes to electric cars, the main question remains autonomy and electric recharging.

Because plugging in your electric vehicle should be as easy as recharging your smartphone, 100% of service areas on the APRR and AREA networks are equipped with fast and ultra-fast electric recharging stations (4 to 20 very high-power recharging stations - 140 to 350 KW - per station), i.e. a recharging point every 30 km or so. All types of electric vehicle are accepted, and all connectors are available.

Supporting the development of electric mobility also means simplifying payment. With the Fulli recharge card, you can pay for your fast or ultra-fast recharge at 69,000 recharging stations in France and Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Ireland). And with the Fulli Duo Plus offer, you can combine payment for electric recharging with an electronic toll tag (with a 5% discount on the toll for your journeys on the APRR and AREA networks until January 31, 2024). The pleasure of the road and 100% electric peace of mind are yours.

ECOmobility on the freeway

Supporting new behaviors, developing soft mobility and innovative solutions, Fulli makes you experience travel differently on an eco-responsible highway.

According to a Bolt and Ifop study, by 2022, 80% of French city dwellers will find it important to allocate more space to soft mobility. Ecomobility is a groundswell that needs to be accompanied and supported.

While Fulli services facilitate electric transport, even over long distances, decarbonized travel also means encouraging car-sharing to limit emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide. There are numerous dedicated parking lots at the entrances to the APRR and AREA freeway networks. And did you know that the first dedicated carpool lane is on the A48 motorway entering Grenoble? 

Ecomobility also means being attentive to air quality by reinforcing carbon sinks with plantations along the freeway and at rest areas where you can take a break in the middle of nature.


Our aim is twofold. Firstly, to boost purchasing power, with unprecedented discounts for those for whom the car remains the only means of transport for everyday journeys; secondly, to support the ecological transition, with recharging points on 100% of our network for those traveling electric.

Guillaume Hérent