The voice assistant for an ideal break

Throughout your journey, find all the services and shops available in the service areas of the French motorway network, without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel!


Pleasure break or energy recharge,
your Fulli voice assistant is your guide!

Available via the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, the Fulli motorway service area voice application allows you to locate the next service area and find the shops there, along with catering offers, gas stations, electric charging and many other services. Benefit from all this information keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, over the whole French motorway network.


Find the service areas on your journey,
without taking your eyes off the road

As you travel any motorway, you can locate the next rest area with the services and shops you like. And all this, just with your voice.


Simply say: “Alexa launch Fulli Motorway service areas”


Find all the services available
at the next service area

Find catering (in house dining, take away, fast food), fuel stations, charging stations for electric vehicles, shops, hotels and more, all available on your route.


"Alexa, launch Fulli Motorway service areas and find restaurants"


Find your favourite place
to eat or a specific service

Find all the services provided at the next motorway service area on your route, as well as the distance remaining.

Note! While the Fulli Motorway service areas app tells you everything about the shops and services in service areas, the application does not inform you about rest areas which simply offer green spaces and toilet facilities.


"Alexa launch Fulli Motorway service areas, and find a playground for the kids"