The A2 freeway links Paris to Brussels.


The A2 freeway links Paris to the Belgian border

The French A2 freeway links the A1 freeway at Combles in the Somme with the Belgian A7 freeway at Saint-Aybert in the Nord. Its majestic stretch through the picturesque landscapes of northern France offers travelers a unique experience, taking them through regions rich in history and natural beauty. 

This freeway links Combles to Saint-Aybert, offering a lively route through the Hauts-de-France region, inviting you to explore the history and culture of this enchanting land.

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A2 - Château_de_Péronne,_Historial_de_la_Grande_Guerre

Between History and Nature - The Picardy countryside

Leaving Combles, you enter the Picardy countryside, a bucolic landscape that transports you back in time. This region is rich in history, with many relics dating back to the First World War. Explore Péronne, a picturesque town on the banks of the Somme, home to the majestic Château de Péronne.

This medieval fortress has been the scene of many historic events and offers breathtaking views over the city.


Forêt d'Arrouaise - Un Écrin de Nature

As you continue your journey on the A2 freeway, you'll be captivated by the majesty of the Arrouaise forest, a veritable paradise for nature lovers. This stop-off offers a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a soothing green setting.

The Forêt d'Arrouaise is a vast, unspoilt state-owned forest, where a variety of trees, including oaks, beeches and pines, create a lush canopy. It's an ideal place for hikes, family picnics or simple moments of contemplation. Winding forest paths invite you to explore the local flora and fauna, where you may spot deer, foxes and a variety of birds.

Places to visit around the A2

Image de la ville de Cambrai

The city of Cambrai

Visit Cambrai for its rich historical heritage, including the majestic Gothic cathedral, picturesque old town and fine arts museum. Discover art, culture and delicious cuisine.

Image de la ville de Péronne

The city of Peronne

Péronne will seduce you with its medieval castle offering breathtaking views, its peaceful banks along the Somme, and its Historial de la Grande Guerre museum, a moving tribute to history.

Image de la ville de Roisel

The city of Roisel

Visit Roisel for its authentic rural charm, picturesque half-timbered houses, and the warm atmosphere of its local markets. Discover village life and sample traditional flavors.