The A28 motorway, from Abbeville to Le Mans


Take the A28 motorway

Explore the A28, a fast lane that reveals the picturesque charms of France by taking you through diverse landscapes. This highway takes you on an exciting adventure, lined with authentic villages, green fields and picturesque panoramas.

Enjoy the ease of circulation while discovering the cultural and natural heritage that punctuates this route, making each kilometer a memorable journey through the French beauty.

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Treasures along the A28 motorway

The A28 motorway reveals an architectural treasure with its majestic castles. The Château de Sille-le-Guillaume, with its imposing medieval towers, tells a thousand-year-old story. These impressive monuments offer not only a journey back in time, but also exceptional panoramic views of the surroundings. Explore these historical remains that bear witness to the region’s past greatness.

The picturesque villages along the A28 captivate with their timeless charm. Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei, with its cobbled streets and half-timbered houses, seems straight out of a postcard. Local markets add a lively touch to the experience, where the flavours and colours of the region come to life. Stroll through this picturesque painting, immerse yourself in French daily life and discover the authenticity of each place.


Nature and Gastronomy along the A28

The A28 meanders through dazzling natural landscapes, offering a welcome break from city life. The Perseigne Forest, with its majestic trees, creates a green canopy conducive to relaxation. The winding trails invite you to explore remarkable biodiversity, offering opportunities for hiking, peaceful picnics and observations of local wildlife.

The regions crossed by the A28 are also lands of gastronomic delights. Local farms offer fresh produce, from delicious cheeses to exquisite wines. Stop at the traditional inns to taste regional specialties, dishes deliciously prepared with local ingredients. Exploring historic cities like Rouen, famous for its gothic cathedral, and Alençon, with its ramparts, each stop becomes a dive into the history and cultural richness of the region. The A28 Motorway, much more than just a route, is an invitation to savour the diversity and splendour of France.

Cities to see around the A28

Image de la ville de Tours

The city of Tours

Explore Tours, a charming French city, where history intertwines with contemporary elegance. Discover majestic castles, picturesque alleys, exquisite gastronomy and an enchanting cultural atmosphere. Welcome to Tours!

Image de la ville d'Alençon

The city of Alençon

Alençon, jewel nestled in Normandy, seduces by its medieval charm, its cobbled streets, and its history embroidered in every corner. Discover an elegant city, witness to a rich French heritage.

Image de la ville du Mans

The city of Le Mans

Le Mans, a medieval city with cobbled streets, reveals its historical heritage and vibrant atmosphere. Explore its architectural treasures, experience the car racing fever and delight in its exquisite gastronomy.