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Highway A432

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The A432, a strategic route

The A432 motorway, also known as the Bypass East of Lyon, is a major infrastructure in France. Extending over approximately 35 kilometres, this motorway bypasses the east of the city of Lyon, playing a crucial role in traffic flow and reducing road congestion. By connecting the A42 and A43 motorways, the A432 offers an efficient alternative for travelers and carriers by avoiding the city center of Lyon, which helps improve the quality of life of local residents. Equipped with modern infrastructures and high security standards, it promotes fast and secure travel.

The A432 also plays a strategic role in the economic development of the region by facilitating the transport of goods and encouraging accessibility to industrial areas. Its careful design, incorporating environmental considerations, demonstrates the commitment to sustainability. Thus, the A432 motorway embodies the balance between urban connectivity, logistical practicality and environmental preservation.

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