Liber-t Vacances - Option Espagne et Portugal

At the moment, get a 25% bonus on your holiday checks and reduce your toll expenses!



For occasional trips, holidays or weekends, pay for the motorway by crediting your Holiday Vouchers on your E-toll badge.




*For any payment in Holiday Cheques, you receive 25% of the amount paid in additional credit to be consumed on your badge. For example, for an amount of €100 credited, you will have €125 of credit on your Liber-t Vacances subscription. Offer available until August 31 included on fulli.com

0€ les mois non-utilisés
Description courte de l'avantage
Up to 250€ in vacation vouchers
Description courte de l'avantage
Connect vacation voucher credit


Pay for your trips in France with your holiday vouchers.


Once you’ve used up your balance Holiday Vouchers: €2 management fee charged only in the months when you use your badge.


Offer reserved for individuals with a class 1, 2 and 5 vehicle




You have 14 days from receipt of the card to exercise your right of withdrawal. You can use the withdrawal form by clicking here

Offer details

Management fees Monthly France
Prix TTC
2,00 €
Management fees Monthly Spain/Portugal (0€ per month not used*)
Prix TTC
2,40 €
Card delivery costs
Prix TTC
4,50 €
Delivery fees outside France
Prix TTC
10,00 €
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Details and advantages


Holiday vouchers for your trips

Use your Holiday Vouchers to pay for your motorway journeys by crediting up to 250€ per calendar year to your E-toll account, until 31 August we charge the 25% deposit.


A real time saver at the toll

Enjoy the non-stop passage at 30km/h on the dedicated tracks "t" and "t30". The payment is done automatically with your badge, on all the motorways of France.


Valid in more than 600 identified car parks

Access our car parks in France and pay with your Fulli E-toll badge.


An online customer space, simplified management

Track your consumption and bills, credit your Holiday Checks, order a new badge or change your details: manage everything from your account. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I credit my Connect Holiday Checks to my E-toll account?

To find out how to credit your Connect Holiday Cheques from your online customer space, let us guide you!

I have paper Holiday Vouchers, how to benefit from the offer?

Simply redeem your paper Holiday Cheques in Connect to be able to credit them to your E-toll account. To find out more, click here.

I haven’t used up all my Holiday Checks credit, what should I do?

The amount credited this year to your toll-free account will be automatically transferred to the following year.

Can I pay with my Holiday Vouchers directly at the toll?

No, Holiday Cheques are not accepted as a means of payment when the toll is changed.

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