Easily save your login details on your iPhone and Mac


Activate the keychain on your iPhone

When you update your device, the setup wizard asks you to configure iCloud Keychain. If you wish to set up iCloud Keychain at another time, follow steps 1, 2 and 3 below.

  1. Touch Settings, [your name], then choose iCloud.

  2. Touch Passwords and Keychain*.

  3. Activate iCloud Keychain. You may be prompted to enter your access code or the password associated with your Apple ID.


Activate iCloud Keychain on your Mac

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Settings (or System Preferences).

  2. Click on your name, then on iCloud. In earlier versions of macOS, click on Apple ID, then on iCloud in the sidebar.

  3. Activate password and keychain*.

How does iCloud Keychain protect your information?

iCloud protects your information with end-to-end encryption, offering the highest level of data security. Your data is protected by a key obtained from unique information about your device, in addition to your device's access code, which only you know. No one else can access or read this data, either during transfer or storage.