Reductions at toll booths with the Fulli electronic toll tag

For all your freeway journeys, regular or occasional, for work, study or vacations, there is a Fulli electronic toll tag made for you.

Casual traveler

Why choose the Fulli electronic toll tag?


Time saving

The main advantage is that you save time at the toll booth. To avoid long queues, attach your badge securely so that you can use the reserved lanes.


Saving money

Management costs are minimal compared to the savings in fuel and stress, with freeway discounts sometimes a bonus for regular users.


Deferral of expenses

It's not always easy to stay within your budget. Thanks to the electronic toll tag, you only have to pay on the 15th of the month following your expe


Loyalty benefits

Subscribing to the Fulli electronic toll tag gives you access to great deals on cinema tickets, amusement park tickets and even your everyday shopping.

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More serenity

No stress about getting the right change for your credit card limits, or even aiming your car into the toll lane. You can even pass at constant speed on free-flow freeways.


What about parking lots?

The Fulli badge is not limited to tolls, it opens the doors to over 700 parking lots in France and over 1,000 in Europe. Manage parking costs in the blink of an eye, whether you're in town or on the freeway.

Customer reviews

Your questions about the electronic toll tag

Is an electronic toll tag really worthwhile if I'm only taking the freeway on vacation?

Even if you don't use the freeway regularly, it's still worth taking advantage of a Télépéage offer. With an offer adapted to occasional use, you benefit from all the advantages of Télépéage, and only pay for your badge when you use it: discover the offer that suits your needs here.

How does the electronic toll tag work?

When the badge is fixed in its holder on the vehicle's windscreen, it is detected by an antenna placed in the toll lane. This detection opens the barrier to let you through, and records your journey, which will be included in your monthly bill.


If I change my vehicle, do I need to do anything about my badge?

Do you have a Cito 30 badge or a badge that allows you to drive abroad? Then yes, you need to update your new registration in your online customer area.

For other offers, you don't need to do anything - we'll get back to you if we need to!

How can I use my electronic toll tag to pay for parking in a parking lot?

With your electronic toll tag, you can pay your parking charges in almost 600 parking lots in France and 1,000 parking lots in Europe if you have a badge for traveling abroad.

To use your electronic toll tag in a parking lot :
- Check that the parking lot accepts the electronic toll tag: it displays the "T" logo at its entrance,
- Enter the parking lot with your Télépéage badge correctly attached to the windscreen so that it is detected,
- To exit the parking lot with your vehicle, go to the exit terminal displaying the Logo "T". The transaction recorded in the parking lot will appear on your next invoice.

If necessary, insert the parking ticket received at the entrance into the exit terminal to trigger the opening of the barrier.

How do I attach my electronic toll tag to my vehicle?

A properly fitted electronic toll tag allows you to enjoy all the comfort of electronic toll collection, and to cross the electronic toll and non-stop electronic toll lanes with ease. Here's how to install it correctly:

1) Clean the inside surface of the windscreen

2) Position the bracket on the windshield*, inside the vehicle, level with the central rear-view mirror. If you don't have a holder, go to your Fulli online customer area or one of our Fulli boutiques to order one.

3) Slide the badge into the holder 

*Note: newer vehicles are generally equipped with athermic windshields, which may block the passage of waves between the badge and the toll plaza. In this case, a dotted area on the central rear-view mirror marks the spot where to place the badge holder. If in doubt, consult your vehicle manufacturer's manual.

How do I use my electronic toll tag abroad?

Your electronic toll tag is automatically activated and can now be used in France, Spain, Portugal and even Italy, if you have chosen the Fulli Nomade or Fulli Nomade + offer (formerly topEurop).

Make sure your badge is correctly attached to the central rear-view mirror in the dotted area. When approaching the toll plaza, use the electronic toll collection lanes at the freeway entrances and exits symbolized by the "t" logo. More information is available here.

In France and abroad, passage through the toll plaza is recorded once the traffic light in the lane has turned green.